Monday, March 28, 2011

Meet Marcos Minuchin, Photographer (The Secret Life Of Toys)

Blogging connects us all to the world and makes me realize that the world isn't as big as it seems and the internet has become one of the greatest innovations because everything you can imagine can be obtained from the world-wide web (well, almost everything).

I started my toy blog as a means to catalog my toy collection. I wanted to take pictures of my toys and put the images on my blog to know what I have collected over the years. Little did I know then that "Toy Haven" would connect with so many like-minded kindred spirits all over the world. For that, I have to thank all my visitors for your continued support and feedback (via email and putting comments on my posts); it has been most encouraging :)

"You Made Me Ink"

One of the many privileges of blogging is meeting new people and making new friends, most of whom I've never met in person but have had a connection with immediately because of our common interest - TOYS!

Marcos Minuchin is one such person. He is a self-taught photographer and avid toy collector, who one day decided to buy a camera, read its manual 5 times over and start taking pictures. The result: The Secret lIfe Of Toys.

"What a Trooper"

As he puts it "Photographing toys is nothing new, and that challenges me to come up with images that are not only strong visually but also have a very strong idea behind them."


You know the saying "A picture speaks a thousand words?" Well then, here are a few thousand words to share with you all. Click on the pictures below for a bigger and better view.



"Vader Knievel"

"The Funny Pages"

"Waiting for the Call"


And as Marcos puts it "Thank you for looking, I hope you have a good laugh today." Drop by his website ( to see more. CHEERS


LEon said...

Wow this is good and fun read! Thanks for the intro!

desmond said...

Alex, thanks for sharing..will go to take a look from the website :)

alex teo said...

thanks guys for ALL the support you've given CHEERS

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Alright! GREAT stuff!

Unknown said...

Creative minds do wonders..great site (and yours too Alex) :)

alex teo said...

thanks tangteng ;p

always nice to see pictures of toys, super duper man haha

RiP666 said...

whoooa,, the photos was awesome,,
the trooper carrying his mate is freakin me out,, wonderful job :D

alex teo said...

great pics from a great photographer :) the concepts are also thought provoking. glad you enjoyed them CHEERS