Monday, March 14, 2011

Mattel Retro-Action Batman 8" Figure REVIEW II

continued from the previous post...

Here's Mattel Retro-Action DC Super Heroes Batman 8" Figure with cowl and cape. I'm not particularly fond of the extra rubber chin on the cowl as it makes Batman look like he's wearing those neck sprain collar instead of a cowl or mask. But overall, a nice figure :) check out pictures of the full Batsuit below

Like I said, not bad at all for an 8-inch tall articulated and clothed / costumed figure. The problem with this figure is that he suffers from the loose hip syndrome i.e. Batman can't really stand upright very well. The body tends to bend over and hunches, not very good for an upright holder of Justice at all.

My other problem? Printing of the Bat symbol on the stretchable fabric Batsuit that Batman's wearing. Every time Batman stretches to strike a pose, the Bat symbol looks like it's going to crack at any moment because the printed symbol doesn't stretch as well as the fabric.

Other than the two issues mentioned, I'm pretty pleased with this Mattel Retro-Action DC Super Heroes Batman 8" Figure. I'm not one to make the figure do splits, pirouettes and other extreme poses. I just like the figure to be wearing the actual costume rather than have the costume painted onto the plastic body as it adds a bit of realism to it.

In this picture taken from the back, you can see how the Bat cowl is slipped over Bruce Wayne's head via the slit at the back. The cape is sewn with elastic band at the neck and can be removed together with the cowl as seen in the previous post.

This Mego-style 8-inch Batman figure stands rather well, with tight joints except for the hip which can be frustrating when he decides to hunch over instead of standing upright.

Close-ups of the cowl Mattel Retro-Action Batman wears as well as close-up shots of the fabric Bat-suit (you can see how stretching the costume has caused the Bat symbol to crack a little), utility belt, gloves with scalloped fins and boots.

Old vintage Mego Batman meets new improved Mattel Retro-Action DC Super Heroes Batman. Check out the mittens for gloves that the Mego Batman is wearing. The newer Mattel Retro-Action Batman is also taller. Mego Batman seems to have withstood the test of time pretty well and the new line by Mattel pays homage to the original 1970s line.

"It's the Bat signal, Batman! Gotham City is in trouble and it's the call for Batman!"


LEon said...

You can remove the mask of this batman right? It sure look it can. Wonder how bruce wayne look like.

alex teo said...

see previous post - ;p

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

He's so cool- i LOVE mine! One of the first i bought when i got back into toys :)

alex teo said...

yes Colin, I remember one of your earliest post was on this figure - CHEERS