Friday, February 19, 2010

Beast Wars: Transformers

"Beast Wars: Transformers" was a full-CG animated television series that debuted in 1996. The series was set in the future of the "original" Transformers universe. The two main factions of "Transformers" in Beast Wars were descendants of the two main factions in the original cartoon: the Maximals are the descendants of the Autobots and the Predacons are the descendants of the Decepticons.

During the spring cleaning for Chinese New Year recently, I decided to take out all the "Beast Wars" Transformer toys that Jared had when he was much younger (the "Beast Wars: Transformers" toy line was released by Hasbro between 1995 and 2000) and discovered that we had actually amassed quite a collection. Some we bought for him and some were given as presents by relatives (aunts and uncles were informed of what toy he wanted so that he would not end up with something he didn't want and that would be a waste Ha! Ha!). So in his early growing up years, Jared was able to enjoy playing with these Transformers.

All the figures are still in pretty good condition after all these years. As usual, click on the landscape pictures for a bigger and better view (you know the drill :>)

These "Beast War: Transformers" (robots in disguise) and later "Beast Machines (Transmetals)" also had interesting names: Megatron (Transmetal Dragon), Rampage (Transmetal King Crab), Tarantulas (Transmetal Tarantula), Scavenger (Transmetal Fire Ant), Dinobot 2, Vehicon Obsidian (Helicopter), Heroic Maximal Skydive (Pteranodon), Cheetor (Transmetal Cheetah), Rhinox (Transmetal Rhinoceros), Vehicon Jetstorm (Jet Fighter), Megatron (Transmetal Tyrannosaurus Rex), Megatron (Tyrannosaurus Rex), Iguanus (Transmetal frill-necked lizard)

Grimlock (velociraptor), Buzzsaw (bee), Scissorboy (earwig), Nightviper (cobra), Primal Prime (Transmetal gorilla), Rattrap (Transmetal rat), Magnaboss (separated into Ironhide - elephant, Prowl - lion, Silverbolt - bald eagle), Optimus Primal (bat), Polar Claw (Polar Bear), Wolfgang (Wolf), Japanese Takara Beast Wars Transformers Leo Prime (white lion - part of the 1999 Japanese Transformers TV animated series known as "Beast Wars Neo", a sequel to Beast Wars II), Stampy (Rabbit), Spittor (Transmetal 2 poison arrow frog), Cybershark (Hammerhead shark)

Bump (Armadillo), Predacon Tripledacus (separated into Cicadacon - Cicada, Ram Horn - Hercules Beetle, Sea Clamp - lobster), Japanese Takara Beast Wars Transformers Magmatron (Magmatron's beast mode involves three dinosaurs: Landsaurus, Skysaurus, and Seasaurus), Guiledart (Triceratops), Hardhead (Pachycephalosaurus), Megatron (Alligator), Terrorsaur (Pterosaur / pterodactyl), Optimus Primal (gorilla), B'Boom (mandrill), Rhinox (rhinoceros), Cheetor (cheetah), Rattrap (rat), Dinobot (velociraptor), Tigatron (white tiger), Airazor (falcon), Silverbolt (gray wolf/eagle fuzor)

Transmetal Megatron (Dragon), Transmetal Rampage (King Crab), Tarantulas (Transmetal Tarantula), Scavenger (Transmetal Fire Ant)

Vehicon Obsidian (Helicopter)

Dinobot 2, Transmetal Cheetor, Transmetal Iguanus

Transmetal Iguanus the bio-mechanical frill-necked lizard and Stampy the rabbit up front

Vehicon Jetstorm (Jet Fighter), Transmetal Megatron (Tyrannosaurus Rex), Dinobot (velociraptor)

Primal Prime (Transmetal gorilla)

Japanese Takara Beast Wars Transformers Leo Prime (white lion)

Optimus Primal: The Supreme Commander of the Maximals. In beast mode, he turns into a gorilla.

Rattrap (an infiltrator, sharpshooter, saboteur and demolitions expert)

Rhinox (rhinoceros), Cheetor (cheetah), Tigatron (white tiger), Airazor (falcon), Silverbolt (gray wolf/eagle fuzor)


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Awesome! better keep it all! Although I am not very much into beast war, these pictures make me so envy! LOL

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hi tjere! it is so cool! but i short of tigertron! any idea where can get online from sg? thanks

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