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Hot Toys "Iron Man 2" War Machine REVIEW II: Lock and Load!

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The confiscated Mark II armor is reverse engineered into the heavily armed War Machine armor at Edwards Air Force Base by the U.S. Air Force and the armor's heavy weapons arsenal of ballistic weaponry was provided by defense contractor Justin Hammer of Stark Industries' rival company Hammer Industries.

What better way to show off Hot Toys 1/6 scale War Machine (it is almost 13 inches tall!) than to show it with weapons fully deployed, ALL of them :) TIP: click on the picture for a bigger and better view

And here are the roundabout pictures for a better grasp of the awesomeness that is Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series MMS120 "Iron Man 2" 1/6th scale War Machine Collectible Figure with all its weapons - One (1) articulated shoulder-mounted gatling gun (M134 7.62 mm minigun), rotatable and multi-directional, One (1) shoulder-mounted cannon (on the right), One (1) shoulder-mounted bunker buster missile launcher with missile (on the left), and Two (2) machine guns (dual arm-mounted FN F2000 Assault Rifles) located below each forearm

IMPORTANT NOTE: READ the Instruction Sheet FIRST before attempting to deploy the weapons. This is NOT a toy, NOT a child's plaything (he's NOT Buzz Lightyear for goodness sake) so take extra care when handling this work of ART!

Hot Toys War Machine comes with metallic gray flat colored painting on armor, with special features on its armor including LED-lighted eyes and chest (battery operated), articulated flaps at the back of armor as well as on his left and right legs

In the film, War Machine's armor is equipped with heavier external armor plating, non-weapons grade repulsors (similar to Iron Man's), enhanced jet boots and backpack jet thrusters that could theoretically reach speeds up to Mach 8, an arc reactor in the chest capable of generating at least eight gigajoules of energy, and multiple external weapons such as dual arm-mounted FN F2000 Assault Rifles, a M134 7.62 mm mini-gun on the right shoulder, and the left shoulder deployed bunker buster missile launchers.

Hot Toys War Machine's articulated shoulder-mounted gatling gun (M134 7.62 mm minigun) also comes with one single belt of ammunition. Theoretically that won't be sufficient at all as it has a rate of fire of 2,000 to 6,000 rounds per minute, roughly three times the rate of a typical modern, single-barreled machine gun. It would have to carry a buttload of ammunition on its back to be effective. But hey, we don't question because it makes for great movie viewing and movies aren't real most of the times, only make believe for our entertainment.

Close-ups of the articulated shoulder-mounted gatling gun (M134 7.62 mm minigun), rotatable and multi-directional, shoulder-mounted cannon (on the right) and shoulder-mounted bunker buster missile launcher with missile (on the left)

When Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell) is asked by Lt. Col. Rhodes (Don Cheadle) to weaponize the Mark II Iron Man suit, he presents several weapons for them. One of the main weapons Hammer displays is the M134 Minigun. Hammer says that the boys in uniform refer to it as "Uncle Gazpacho" or "Puff the Magic Dragon" when showing it to Rhodes. Even though he correctly identifies it as a 7.62mm, Puff the Magic Dragon was actually the nickname for AC-47 gunships and never used to refer to Miniguns. He also picks it up with ease even though the actual weapon weighs more than 100 lbs with all the parts (only Arnold Schwarzenegger as the iconic T-800 in T2 was able to carry all the weight of the weapon in his hands), but the barrel unit is light enough to pick up. The "War Machine" has the M134 mounted on its right shoulder.

"ED 445 FLTS" is the tail code designation of the 445th Flight Test Squadron, and the modern and heritage United States Air Force logos.

The shoulder-mounted cannon on War Machine's right shoulder has six ports. In the first prototype pictures Hot Toys released, War Machine was shown being equipped with both shoulder-mounted cannons on his left and right shoulders. It also looked like it was meant to be self-attached instead of the now much cooler pop-up cannon hidden as part of War Machine's shoulder armor.

I'm actually quite glad Hot Toys listened to collectors and fans and decided to include the bunker buster missile, along with the missile launcher which is mounted on his left shoulder.

In this picture, you can also see the dual arm-mounted FN F2000 Assault Rifles as well as the extra hands with individual articulated joints on each finger, shown here in fist mode

Two FN F2000 Tactical assault rifles are also mounted on War Machine. It was referred to as the "FN 2000" by Hammer (Sam Rockwell) when seen showing it off to Rhodes.

War Machine putting up his hands to surrender? Note how the dual arm-mounted FN F2000 Assault Rifles can swivel out and away from his forearms - pretty neat!

Don't bet on it! "Repulsors ON" War Machine lights up with its in-built repulsor rays located on his palms, powered by the ultra-bright white LED light-up Micro ARC reactor on its chest (not so BRIGHT in the film though - it's almost painful to look at it)

And that is just a sampling of the AWESOMENESS that is Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series MMS120 "Iron Man 2" 1/6th scale War Machine Collectible Figure - MORE to follow in the next post

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WL a.k.a Wee Loong said...

Hi Alex,

thanks for the review.. Juz got the figure on Friday but still yet to find time to blog it.. haha

You're still the fastest gun.. haha

I thought the chest-piece light was way too bright (I could use it as a mini flash-light in my room haha)..

Also is there supposed to be a gap between the FH 2000 rifles and the fore-arm when you fold it the rifles after attaching them?



Rafys78 said...

Awesome detail review!
Agree with the 'read-the-freakin'-manual-first'.
I was afraid that I might break something as some part does seems fragile.

desmond said...

A must have piece in 2010..Awesome!!

alex teo said...

Hey WL

Being the fastest gun was never my intention haha I just couldn't wait to get War Machine out of the box because this was one figure I had been anticipating for a while.

The Micro ARC reactor on its chest IS TOO BRIGHT - blinds me every time I switch it on

There is a gap between the guns and the forearms - I tried to squeeze the weapons under the bracket to close the gap but no can do


alex teo said...

hi rafys thanks :) saw your nice review too - can't stress about the instructions enough, heard some stories of broken parts already, don't want too many heart breaks CHEERS

hey desmond, most definitely MUST HAVE :D

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

that thing looks like it could get up & cock it's weapons at you all on it's own! It truly IS a Work of Art!

Eiji said...

there suppose to be Edwards Air Force Base logo on the right bicep of WM right?? hehe..maybe restricted by some illegal issue.. :D

Kin said...

Hi Alex,



onesixth.hobby said...

Great review as usual!
I still cannot believe that I let this one pass by. What a bummer... Oh well, guess I will have to put up with the high prices on eBay.

saruman said...

yup, awesome! A must have!!!

alex teo said...

yup Colin, simply Lovin it :)

hey eiji, there are two patches missing on Hot Toys War Machine figure. They are the Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) emblem / patch located on his right bicep and the Roundel of the USAF (United States Air Force) on the left forearm. Check out my next post:

thanks Kin, onesixth.hobby & saruman - i was more excited about WM than IM

RY said...

Hey I've been reading your review and finally got my hands on this delightful war machine today. Would like to point out that in your pictures you have the bullets placed the wrong way up. Its a very slight mistake that I too made. I only realized after watching the movie again.

P.S any idea where i can find mk 2 and 3 for less then 300? :( and the est arrival for the mk 4?

Ren Yang

alex teo said...

Hi RY, thanks for pointing that out. I also realized it after taking these pictures but didn't want to go back and change them haha

If you notice the ammo belt in the pictures in this link - - you'll notice that I've switched the WM ammo belt to the correct position :)

i've already seen some mk IVs around - should be coming in soon. as for the mk 2 and 3s, i really have no idea. i usually collect one each