Monday, December 5, 2011

Incoming: ZCWO 1/6 Biker Girl Azami 12-inch Figure

ZCWO will be releasing a 1/6 scale female biker 12-inch action figure soon and her name will be Azami (Biker girl).

ZCWO 1/6 scale Azami Biker Girl 12-inch Figure will come with Highly detailed 1/6 scale painted head sculpt, ZC 12-inch Pale Female Body with extra hands and pegs, Long Torso with tattoo, Motorcycle Helmet, Black Leather Biker Jacket, Black Leather Biker Pants, Biker Boots, Knife, Pistol with tactical light and silencer, Shotgun with holster and six (6) shotgun shells

The company ZC has released a biker chick in 2009 and her name was Rosanna and she even came with a 1/6 scale Honda RC 211V moto gp race bike :) You can view PICTURES here

This time however, ZCWO is only releasing the 1/6 Female Biker Chick i.e. Azami with her weapons and accessories but the Kawasaki bike will NOT be included :(

And here's how ZCWO Azami biker girl looks without her motorcycle helmet

She does try to cover up even when her Black leather biker jacket is unzipped ;p she's not very good at covering up haha

Azami even comes with a tattoo that almost covers her entire back

Here's another look at the accessories that will be included with this ZCWO Azami biker girl 12-inch figure. Too bad the helmet is too small for the 1/6 male figures. Come to think of it, not many of these 1/6 scale motorcycle helmets are available for the 12-inch male figures :( some manufacturer should look into that.

Another biker chick that was released way back is Harley CG (Cool Girl) by Takara. Check out the PICTURES here ;p


Anonymous said...

Look more like Female Terminator. COOL!

Aron said...

I saw some 1/6 sports bikes at Tai Seng. Though they are nowhere near the bike in the pics, I guess they are also good to go along with the girl.

alex teo said...

Those at Tai Sing ( will do just fine I think ;)