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Random 1/6 scale WWII 12-inch Military Figures (Germans and Italian)

Besides Germans in the desert (see my previous post), these are some of the 1/6 scale WWII German 12-inch military figures I have in my collection and they were all produced by various manufacturers, from Dragon Models Limited (DML) to BBI (Blue Box International) Elite Force to Hot Toys and DiD (Dragon in Dream). It's always nice to see and compare the various standards and note the improvements that have been made in the production of 1/6 figures.

The first 1/6 scale WWII German 12-inch military figure I chose to feature is most appropriate as it is one of those that started the 1/6 resurgence and renewed interest in 12-inch figures after the exit of G.I. Joe 12-inch figures in 1976 and Action Man in 1984. Hasbro tried to relaunch their G.I. Joe 12-inch figures in the early 1990s through their Hall of Fame figures but it was these 1/6 military figures released by Dragon Models Limited in 1999 that really re-ignited keen interest in 12-inch figures.

Wiking Division Panzer Officer (Obersturmfuhrer) "Fritz" 

This 1999 released DML World War II Wiking Division Panzer Officer (Obersturmfuhrer) "Fritz" (pictured above) came with Black field jacket with SS runes & rank (right & left collars), SS eagle on left sleeve, Wiking cuff title & Tank Battle badge, field grey shirt with black tie, black trousers, ankle boots, M1943 2-button field cap with 'Totenkopf' badge in front & SS eagle emblem worn on the left side, leather belt with hard shell leather holster for the P-38 pistol, mapcase, 'Dienstglas' binoculars, Headphones & throat microphone.

This is the DiD released SS Sturmbannfuhrer (Standard Bearer) "Hans-Ulrich Grimminger" that came out in June 2005. It came with character head sculpt, Did model “F” body with Did model “F” body, M35 Black helmet with double decal, M1931 Liner, 2nd pattern with adjustable chinstraps, Brown under shirt, Black tie with party pin, 1932 pattern SS service tunic with party arm band, Cuff title “Sud”, Shoulder board and collar patches, Special SA-Reiterstandarte Gorget, Blood Order, Turkish War Star, Golden Party Badge for 10-years members, Coburg Badge, Annexation of Austria Commemorative Medal (1938), SA Sports Badge in gold, Black Riding Breech, White parade gloves, SS officer duty belt with metal buckle, Riding boots – real leather with complete sole detail, Standartenspitz (Eagle and Wreathed Finial), Standartenquerb (Standard Box), Standartentuch (Standard Cloth) with Crosspole and Tassel, Standartenstange (Standard Staff) and 1923 pattern SA standard bearer bandolier.

SS Sturmbannfuhrer "Hans-Ulrich Grimminger"

Another DiD released figure - this one's earlier (October 2004) - German Panzertruppe Oberstlentant "Fritz Muller". Panzertruppen, known for their iconic black Panzer uniform, was considered as one of the elite branch of the German Armed Forces in WWII. They served in the early Blitzkrieg to the final defense of Berlin, gaining respect from their comrades and opponents.

"Fritz Muller" came with Character head sculpt, Panzer Division early beret, Panzer Division officer visor cap, Radio head set - metal with fabric wire, Radio throat mic - metal with fabric wire, German V neck wool sweater, black Panzer uniform, Oberstlentant shoulder boards Panzer Division insignia with relieved Pz dead, Close Combat Badge, Bronze - metal, German Cross - metal, Iron Cross 2nd class, Knight Cross with Oakleaf and Ribbon, Wound Badge, Infantry Assault Badge, Panzer Assult Badge - metal, Award Bar, Officer brown duty belt - Leather with metal buckle, Map case - leather construction, Removable wool mittens - gray color, Winter overcoat for panzer division, P38 pistol - die cast metal, P38 pistol holster - leather material, MP 38 machine pistol with bakelite finish - die cast metal with leather sling, Soldbuch, German short boots. As a bonus, the infamous 88 mm AP round of the Tiger Tank under Fritz's command is also included.

Panzertruppe Oberstlentant "Fritz Muller"

BBI 2004 exclusive: 1/6 scale Lieutenant Colonel (Oberstleutnant) 12-inch figure from 5th Fallschirmjaeger Division, Ardennes, Dec 1944. Came with Luftwaffe cloth peak cap with silver piping, M38 FJ helmet with detailed rivets and chin straps, cold weather toque, cigarette (x2), ID tag with string, Officer fliegerbluse with jump badge, FJ field grey jump trousers with thigh pocket for close combat knife, M44 tan water pattern jump smock with 4 working zipper pockets, 6x30 binoculars with leather strap, brown leather belt, Y harness, LW blue MP40 magazine pouches, brown map case, P08 luger with working action and 2 clips in black holster, LW blue breadbag, M31 canteen with flocked finish, MP 40 SMG, 30rd magazines (x3), M42 Luftwaffe blue grey greatcoat, LW version Soldat book, side-lacing jump boots.

Lieutenant Colonel (Oberstleutnant), 5th Fallschirmjaeger Division

Hot Toys 2001 German Wehrmacht Officer with Fully hand-weaved Schirmmutze (Officer’s Cap), metal glasses, Jacket with Iron Cross, Silver Knight’s Cross (War Merit Cross), Wound Badge, Breeches, Officer’s belt with leather holster containing Luger service pistol with extra clip, 6x30 binoculars and jackboots. (also included: Fur-lined jacket not shown)

German Wehrmacht Officer

DiD released this 1/6 scale "Claus von Stauffenberg" 12-inch figure in June 2009 on the 65th Anniversary of the Anti-Nazi Resistance Movement (20th July 1944) based on Tom Cruise's portrayal of Wehrmacht Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg in the 2008 American historical thriller film "Valkyrie" set in Nazi Germany during World War II. The film depicted the 20 July plot in 1944 by German army officers to assassinate Adolf Hitler and to use the Operation Valkyrie national emergency plan to take control of the country. Click HERE to view more pictures

Wehrmacht Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg

Hot Toys MMS134 (Movie Masterpiece Series) 1/6th scale Nazi Waffen SS Standartenführer (Colonel) Hans Landa Collectible Figure with Christoph Waltz likeness from the "Inglourious Basterds" movie, released in 2010. MORE pictures HERE

Waffen SS Standartenführer (Colonel) Hans Landa

Dragon Models Ltd 1999 released World War II Wehrmacht Feldgendarme (Oberfeldwebel) "Karl" - German Army MP (Military Police) with M34 field cap with inverted "V" (Soutache) on front, M36 field jacket with National Eagle emblem on right pocket, field flashlight on right shoulder strap, National Sports badge on left pocket, police style orange eagle & brown cuff title on left sleeve, Duty gorget, M37 Trousers tucked into black Jackboots, leather belt with hard shell leather holster for the P-38 pistol, mapcase and traffic baton (Winkerkelle).

Wehrmacht Feldgendarme (Oberfeldwebel) "Karl"

DML 2001 Wehrmacht Feldgendarmerie (Feldwebel) "Johannes" with M1940 helmet, riding goggles, M1936 field jacket with National Eagle emblem on right pocket, National Sports badge on left pocket, police style orange eagle & brown cuff title on left sleeve, Motorcyclist leather coat, Feldgendarmerie gorget, leather belt with M1935 despatch case, ammo pouch for MP28 SMG magazines, MP28 SMG, M1937 Trousers tucked into black Jackboots.

Wehrmacht Feldgendarmerie (Feldwebel) "Johannes"

Dragon Models Ltd 2002 released HJ (Hitlerjugend) Div MG42 Gunner “Marcus”, Norrey-En-Bessin 1944. Came with M40 helmet in spring / summer plain tree camouflage, M43 field jacket and trousers, Panzerkombi in Italian camouflage pattern, Y webbing, gunner’s MG accessory pouch worn on standard belt with M31 water bottle, bread bag, gasmask canister, Walter P38 self-loading pistol in hard-case holster, Hitler Youth dagger, MG42 machine gun with ammo belt, ankle boots.

HJ (Hitlerjugend) Div MG42 Gunner “Marcus”

DML 1999 WWII German Wehrmacht Unteroffizier (NCO) “Steiner”, Eastern Front, 1943. M1943 field cap, M1943 tunic with Close Combat Clasp over left pkt, Wound & Infantry Assault Badges on left pocket, Iron Cross First & Second Class, “Krimschild” on left sleeve for fighting in Crimea, 3 Tank Destruction Badges, belt with M1930 cartridge pouch, M1935 despatch case, bread bag, mess tin & water bottle, entrenching tool, M1940 helmet with splinter camouflage cover, Mauser 98k with launcher & anti-tank grenade with case, flashlight, M1884/98 bayonet & sheath, stick grenades,riding breeches and riding jackboots.

Wehrmacht Unteroffizier (NCO)

This was the Dragon 2000 issue First Anniversary "Hans" Figure of a WWII German Army Wehrmacht Infantry Feldwebel NCO as seen in Moscow 1941. Hans is now dressed for Winter and has grown older and war weary. To see a younger fresh faced "Hans", the FIRST Dragon Models 12-inch figure ever produced, check out my earlier post HERE

Wehrmacht Infantry Feldwebel "Hans"

Dragon 2003 released WWII Luftwaffe PanzerGrenadier MG34 Gunner “Volkmar” as seen at Anzio, 1944. Came with Metal Luftwaffe M35/40 Stahlhelm, M1940 Fliegerbluse, Luftwaffe collar tabs (Gefreiter, HG Division), shoulder tabs, sleeve Chevron (Gefreiter), Division "Hermann G ring" cufftitle, Ground Combat Badge, Greatcoat, Camouflage field smock, Equipment belt with Y-Harness, Luger P.08 pistol with clip in holster, MG Parts Pouch with Barrel Pad M38 gasmask canister, M31 bread bag, M31 mess kit, S84/98 bayonet with scabbard, M31 water bottle, MG34 machine gun with bipod, MG34/42 belt ammunition, Luftwaffe field trousers, boots.

Luftwaffe PanzerGrenadier MG34 Gunner “Volkmar”

German Wehrmacht Infantryman with M35 white-washed helmet, M35 field tunic and trousers, white / green reversible parka and trousers, M39 Y leather harness and black leather belt, pair of MP40 triple magazine pouches, M30 gas mask canister, M31 water bottle, bread bag and mess kit, entrenching tool in leather carrier, M1884/98 bayonet and scabbard, Schmeisser MP40 SMG and black jack boots. Uniform & accessories by Dragon Models Ltd 2000

German Wehrmacht Infantryman

DML 2005 released 1/6 scale "Hasan Malnar" Handschar Mortarman - 13th Gebirgs-Division 'Handschar' (kroatische Nr. 1), Balkans Campaign 1944 (Gebirgsjager). Uniform: M43 Field Blouse, M43 Field Trousers, Italian Camouflage Gebirgsjager Windbreaker, Italian Camouflage Trousers, Lace up Gebirgsjager Boots, Styrian Gaiters, Handschar Fez, M42 Stahlhelm. Insignia: 13.SS Collar Tabs, SS-Gebirgsjager Shoulderboards, SS Sleeve Eage & Croatian Volunteer Badge, Gebirgsjager Badge, Anti-Partisan Badge, Wound Badge, Iron Cross 2nd class Ribbon, Iron Cross 1st class Medal. Equipment: Belt, Y-Harness, K98 Ammo Pouches, Breadbag 31, Gebirgsjager Water Bottle 31, Assault Bag, Messkit 31, E-Tool with Carrier, S84/98 Bayonet with Scabbard, Gasmask Carrier with Strap. Weapons: Gewehr 33/40 Rifle, Stripper Clip Ammo x 6 pcs, Granatwerfer-36 5cm Mortar, Mortar Ammo Carrying Case, Mortar Ammo x 9 pcs, Egg Grenades x 3 pcs

"Hasan Malnar" Handschar Mortarman

This was Twisting Toyz 1/6 scale WWII Italian Marine Infantry Lupo (Wolf) Battalion "Marco" 12-inch military figure. The figure is wearing Italian Camouflage uniform complete with insigna, helmet and boots. His equipment include MAB submachine gun with 3 spare ammo clips, Binoculars, Canteen, Knife and shealth, Beretta pistol and handgun holster, 2 German grenades, Beretta SMG three ammo clip holster, Small backpack and Italian "Basco" hat.

Dragon Models Ltd 2001 released German Luftwaffe Pilot “Erich Hartmann” came with Luftwaffe officer’s cap, Luftwaffe light grey shirt with Diamonds Cross for over 300 dogfights won, blue grey trousers, officer’s pattern belt with Walter P38 self-loading pistol and holster, leather jacket, Kampfpistole with HE grenade, “horse collar” design Schwimvest model 10–30, leather gloves and ankle boots.

Another DML German Luftwaffe Pilot but this time it is “Major Krauer” (released in 2002) with Luftwaffe officer’s cap, flight goggles, Luftwaffe light grey shirt with Diamonds Cross, blue grey flight jacket, “horse collar” design Schwimvest model 10–30, blue grey trousers with cargo pockets, Kampfpistole in side holster-pocket, officer’s pattern belt with Walter PPK pistol and holster, two bandoliers of flare rounds and flying boots.

To see more German related figures, check out the "German" label at the bottom of this post. Another related post - World War II "The Germans are coming!!" HERE


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