Monday, December 19, 2011

Medicom Toy and Enterbay Ultimate Unison Star Wars 1/6 Han Solo 12-inch Figure

Sideshow is pleased to announce the latest in Star Wars collectibles from MEDICOM TOY and ENTERBAY, the Ultimate Unison figure series! The 'UU' series combines the very best from Medicom's highly regarded RAH figure body with Enterbay's incredibly detailed sculpture quality. Featuring a detailed fabric costume and a variety of accessories, the Han Solo Ultimate Unison Collectible Figure is presented in approximately 1:6 scale and makes an outstanding addition to any Star Wars Collection!

Medicom and Enterbay have teamed up on this Ultimate Unison figure of Han Solo from Star Wars. The 1/6 scale figure features his overcoat from Endor, Droid Caller and Mynock Hunt mask (Breathing Mask) along with a figure stand. Also included: alternate Wrist Parts for Multiple Poses.

This is Han Solo (Harrison Ford) as he is seen in the 1983 film "Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi" when he leads a strike team to destroy the new Death Star's shield generator on the moon Endor, thus allowing a squadron of starfighters to enter the incomplete superstructure and destroy the space battle station from within.

While this Medicom Toy and Enterbay collaboration Ultimate Unison figure might look impressive to some, BEWARE the size / scale inaccuracies! As Sidehshow as pointed out - Please NOTE: The Ultimate Unison series is highly detailed, very well articulated, and of exceptional quality, however, the UU 12-inch line is not in the exact same scale as the Sideshow 12-inch figure line. Figures may not be comparable in size and scale to Sideshow Collectibles' 12-inch Star Wars figures.

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drewflu61 said...

I'm still trying to come to terms with the phrase "highly regarded RAH figure body". I don't believe I have ever owned a rah body that didn't break after 3 or 4 poses. Heck, I had one that arrived already broken in the box.

Mtx6 said...

Maybe they should have used a Hot Toys true type body. My other SAS troopers tower over my Medicom version. but then agin Hot Toys sculpts are pretty realistic nowadays.

alex teo said...

Hi drewflu61, before Medicom produce their own bodies. they were using the G.I. Combat Joe body which was much better! The Medicom Judge Dredd figure I got in 1995 is still standing tall and proud in my display without falling down or breaking up. It is the newer brittle bodies that Medicom are producing that is the problem!

I've since stopped buying Medicom figures because of their HIGH price and LOW value, not to mention SMALL size and WRONG scale :(

alex teo said...

hey Mtx6, I know what you mean :( that's why I put all my Medicom Special Forces figures standing together instead of posing them with their counterparts from other manufacturers because of the scale issue

One Shot said...

I picked up my jack Sparrow from Medicom the other day and SNAP went his hip joint for one of his legs. DOH! I took out a brand new unopened Wolverine I had picked up (in a sealed box mind you) and he already had a broken leg. DOH! what can you do right? just laugh it off that's all. I like my POTC and my Rocketeer but man oh man is that body brittle.