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Review II: Hot Toys Captain America First Avenger 12-inch Figure

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Captain America's uniform / costume / outfit may be an important part of his persona but every comic book fan will tell you that it is his shield that defines him. Cap's weapon of choice, used both defensively and offensively, is arguably the most important aspect of him being Captain America for who is the man without his shield?

When the US Army finally decides to put Captain America's unique talents to good use, Howard Stark designs a variety of prototype shields for Steve Rogers but Steve stumbles upon and prefers the round shield made from Vibranium metal. A seeming contradiction combining both simplicity and advanced technology, the chosen shield just needed a patriotic paint job to be ready for action!

This second part review (the earlier review covered the box and contents) of Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series MMS156 1/6th scale Captain America Limited Edition 12-inch Collectible Figurine from the blockbuster movie "Captain America: The First Avenger" sees Chris Evans as Captain America (Steve Rogers) putting on all his gear and accessories and ready to take on the bad guys of HYDRA.

In the Marvel comics, Captain America is created during World War II as part of the US Army's "Project Rebirth" to create Super Soldiers to fight the Nazis. Captain America was a consciously political creation; Joe Simon and Jack Kirby were morally repulsed by the actions of Nazi Germany in the years leading up to the United States' involvement in World War II and felt war was inevitable: "The opponents to the war were all quite well organized. We wanted to have our say too."

Captain America Comics #1 — cover-dated March 1941 and on sale in December 1940, a year before the attack on Pearl Harbor, but a full year into World War II — showed Cap punching Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in the jaw; it sold nearly one million copies with most readers responding favorably to the comic.

In 1940, writer Joe Simon conceived the idea for Captain America and made a sketch of the character in costume. "I wrote the name 'Super American' at the bottom of the page," Simon said in his autobiography. "No, it didn't work. There were too many 'Supers' around. 'Captain America' had a good sound to it. There weren't a lot of captains in comics. It was as easy as that."

So it was only right that the FIRST Avenger would begin his story during the Second World War. Many Captain America fans would tell you that the shield that Cap has in the movie is too small to be effective. It should have been slightly bigger as it would have made a much greater impact but that was how Marvel Studios wanted it and that's how it looks in the film.

Since the Captain America movie is set during WWII, it is only appropriate that he carries the weapons used by the US Army during that time: the M1928A1 Thompson submachine gun with removable 30-round box magazine, flip-up long range rear sight and sliding bolt AND Colt M1911A1 single-action, semi-automatic pistol. Close-up pictures of Cap's weapons can be seen in the previous post :)

In the Marvel comics, Captain America is clad in all bright Red, White and Blue - a costume that bears an American flag motif, and is armed with an indestructible shield that can be thrown as a weapon.

For the movie, Concept Artist Ryan Meinerding changed the stripes on Captain America's torso into straps that would hold down his shoulder armor and hold the weight of his shield when Cap wore it on his back as they didn't want the outfit / suit to look costume-y.

Relating Captain America's costume to a soldier's gear was a big step in making Cap look like he was there with the troops as well, fighting alongside them as a symbol for all things American in the 1940s.

Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series MMS156 1/6th scale Captain America's costume stays movie-accurate and consists of: One (1) blue and grayish-white jacket with embossed pattern as well as stars in chest and arms, One (1) pair of gray and red suspenders, One (1) pair of blue pants, One (1) brown leather-like belt with pouches and pistol holster and One (1) pair of brown boots.

In WWII, soldiers often had identifiable symbols painted on their helmets and that was how Cap's signature wings ended up on the sides of his helmet / mask. I'm really glad that they didn't put protruding wings on his head as how Cap wears it in the comics. See the comic version Captain America costume HERE :)

I liked the design of the Captain America costume / outfit / uniform for the "Captain America First Avenger (2011)" movie. They based the design of the costume on the US soldier's webbing but made it look high tech and functional.

Here's Hot Toys 12-inch Captain America collectible figure with 1/6th scale shield (in the movie it is made from Vibranium metal. Hot Toys chose to electroplate this plastic shield to make it look like shiny metal) and Colt M1911A1 single-action, semi-automatic pistol.

So where does Cap put his shield when he needs to use both his hands?

Captain America's shield can be attached to his back on his webbing. This is how Cap carries his shield when he needs both hands. The shield does look rather small. Definitely would have preferred it to be slightly bigger but Hot Toys is just being movie-accurate and that was how the shield is designed for the film.

Close-up of the electroplated shield painted in the patriotic colors of the American flag of Red, White and Blue!

From the front, you can hardly see the shield on his back because it is too small and it loses its impact.

Scroll down for more close-up pictures of this Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series MMS156 1/6th scale Captain America 12-inch Limited Edition Collectible Figure.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with this figure, the ultimate Captain America The First Avenger 12-inch figure. I doubt you'll find anything of this quality and detail in the 1/6 scale collectible market, something so movie-accurate and fully realized in scale and size. Hot Toys has done a pretty good job in replicating the costume and accessories IMHO

REVIEW 1: Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series MMS156 1/6th scale Captain America Limited Edition 12-inch Collectible Figurine box packaging and contents

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Super-Duper ToyBox said...

that thing is AMAZING! Damn!

alex teo said...

thanks Colin :) for me, the BEST Captain America figure out there right now!

Anonymous said...

I like your review, been checked through your blog for item details and etc. Appreciate it.

As for this figure here the captain america is not my cup of tea...Hmm probably because the story and characteristic not fit my what I want lol...But no doubt HT does make it almost 99% movie accurate.

T Stark said...

"Cap, not my cup of tea?" Yeah, I suppose Hitler and Hydra as the victorious heroes of the story would have been better. Give me a break "anonymous". Excellent HT detail as usual.

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I am really appreciating your review. it is in great details.i can learn a lot from your blog.