Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kaustic Plastik Roman Legionary - Legio XIV Gemina

Kaustic Plastik is proud to present their next 1/6 figure - "Valerius from Gallia Lugdunensis: Roman Legionary - Legio XIV Gemina - Roman Invasion of Britain Circa 49 A.D."

Stationed in Moguntiacum, Germania Superior, since AD 9, XIV Gemina Martia Victrix was one of four legions used by Aulus Plautius and Claudius in the Roman invasion of Britain in 43, and took part in the defeat of Boudicca in 60 or 61.

This was the battle that would send them down in history as one of the greatest Roman Legions. At the stand at Watling Street the 14th defeated Boudicca's force of 230,000, according to Tacitus and Dio, with their meager force of 10,000 Legionaries and Auxiliaries.

This act secured them as Nero's "most effective", and kept them garrisoned in Britain during the next few years to keep the uneasy tribes in check. After which, in 68 it was stationed in Gallia Narbonensis.

This Kaustic Plastik Roman Legionary is outfitted in the typical roman soldier attire of that time: helmet, cuirass (which is armor made up of articulated metal strips used to protect the chest, back and shoulders) worn over woolen tunic (short-sleeved garment that legionaries wore under the cuirass) and groin protection. He is armed with a javelin (used for combat at close quarters or as a projectile) and gladius (short double-edged sword used for hand-to-hand combat) for offense and a shield for defense. Instead of boots, he wears sandals (Footwear with a studded sole that was attached to the foot by leather laces that came just above the ankle).

Kaustic Plastik's Roman Legionary 12-inch figure looks rather highly detailed and historically accurate which makes this 1/6 figure a MUST HAVE because of the company's penchant for accuracy and museum quality standard

It seems like three different helmets will be included: two Roman soldier helmets and one Thames helm. Surely looking forward to this release as well :)


Aron said...

This will be my first fig from KP. I hope they do enough to let me form an army of Roman warriors/

alex teo said...

Hi Aron, we are all hoping for that :)

glenn said...

Where to buy ?

alex teo said...

Check out Cotswold Collectibles, Inc.- link: