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ToysCity: JSOC T1 Special Mission Unit - Ops Geronimo Hunting Down PREVIEW

Osama bin Laden, then head of the Islamist militant group al-Qaeda, was killed in Pakistan on Monday, May 2, 2011 by a United States special forces military unit. The operation, code-named Operation Neptune Spear, was ordered by United States President Barack Obama and carried out in a U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operation by a team of United States Navy SEALs from the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (also known as DEVGRU or colloquially, by its former name, SEAL Team Six) of the Joint Special Operations Command, with support from CIA operatives on the ground.

The raid was carried out by approximately two dozen heliborne United States Navy SEALs from the Red Squadron of the Joint Special Operations Command's United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU). The DEVGRU SEALs operated in two teams and were reportedly equipped with Heckler & Koch 416 carbine military assault rifles (with attached suppressors), night-vision goggles, body armor and handguns. [source: wiki]

According to The New York Times, a total of "79 commandos and a dog" were involved in the raid. The military working dog was a Belgian Malinois named Cairo. According to one report, the dog was tasked with tracking "anyone who tried to escape and to alert SEALs to any approaching Pakistani security forces". The dog was to be used to help deter any Pakistani ground response to the raid and to help look for any hidden rooms or hidden doors in the compound.

This is ToysCity: JSOC T1 Special Mission Unit - Ops Geronimo Hunting Down 12-inch military figure and 1/6 scale dog set and will come with Real-like Head Sculpt, T 2.0 Body, DIGI2 AOR1 Desert Pattern FAST Ballistic Helmet, NVG Shroud, NVG Mount,Helmet Rail Connector, PVS-15 Night Vision Goggle, SF Helmet Light, SF Helmet Light Mount, NVG Counterweight Pouch, SODIN Neck-back Headset & PTT, PRC-148 Radio, DIGI2 AOR1 Desert Gen2 AC Combat Shirt Navy Cut, DIGI2 AOR1 Desert Gen2 AC Combat Pants Navy Cut, Detachable Gen 3 Kneepad, DIGI2 AOR2 Woodland 0612F Riggers Belt, Moab Ventilator Hiking Boots, 4.0 Heavy Duty Gloves.

Also included: DIGI2 AOR1 Desert Assault Plate Carrier, DIGI2 AOR1 Desert 6064D Admin Pouch, DIGI2 AOR1 Desert CP Single M4 Mag Pouch x2, DIGI2 AOR1 Desert CP Medic Pouch, DIGI2 AOR1 Desert MLCS Smoke Grenade Pouch, DIGI2 AOR1 Single Pistol Mag Pouch x2, Black P226 6004 Holster, DIGI2 AOR1 Desert 9039D Modular Assault Pack.

Other accessories include VIP Strobe Light, MS2000 Strobe, Plastic Handcuff, D-ring x2, Light Stick x6, Tactical Wristband Map Pouch & Map, Safety Sling, Smoke Grenade, Patches, DIGI2 AOR1 Desert Military Tape

His main weapon is the DEVGRU Custom 12.5 inch-barrel Assault Rifle, M4 MP30 Magazine x4, PEQ-15 Laser Indicator, M3X Tactical Light, Tactical Light Remote, SPECTET DR Optic Sight, Tactical Fore Grip, 2000 5.56 Silencer, DIGI2 AOR1 Desert Custom Tactical Sling

Sidearm is the P226 Pistol, Pistol Magazine x3, Tactical Combat Knife

Also included: K-9 Military Shepherd, Intruder Special Ops Vest & Stretchable Leash, Intruder Special Ops Foldable Camera, Intruder Special Ops Foldable Antenna, Intruder Special Ops Battery Pak

And here's a reference picture of the Special Forces dog

Click to see the details and description

It was a matter of time before some 1/6 manufacturer came up with this figure and it looks like ToysCity has done it FIRST. Cairo is definitely a BIG bonus ;p

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