Friday, December 23, 2011

World Box 1/6 scale Lakor Baby figure is just CREEPY!

With so many subjects being tackled and produced in 1/6 scale recently, now there's even going to be a 1:6 scale baby / toddler JOKER figure being released and for me, this is just creepy. Freaky and weird also comes to mind.

The World Box 1/6 scale Lakor Baby figure will feature 2 heads, body (150mm), baby suit, baby shirt, gloves, shoes, long gun, short gun, lipstick, foundation brush, one bag, cloth diaper

For a comparison with the actual 1/6 scale Bank Robber Joker 12-inch figure by Hot Toys, you can view the pictures HERE :)

What's next in this line? Maybe a baby bruce, baby two face, baby scarecrow, and baby bane too? And if that isn't enough, they might release a Christopher Reeve super baby followed by all the baby Avengers figures!


desmond said...

Haha..very cute!!

Richie said...

CREEPY...yet i want one.haha are you getting one?

alex teo said...

not my cup of tea Richie ;p gotta stay focused haha house running out of space

Richie said...

Too much? haha where can we get one?

alex teo said...

This figure is now up for pre-order at TFH :) Check out the link: