Thursday, December 1, 2011

VeryHot 1/6 scale PMC Sniper outfit Preview

In a very short span of time, VeryHot has released five sniper outfits, not counting this one. This makes it sniper number six (6) for VeryHot Toys. They are certainly on a roll now, churning out sniper after sniper after sniper. After doing the Army, the Marines, Special Forces, the Marines again, VeryHot decided to go into the private sector and do PMCs.

This will be the VeryHot 1/6 scale PMC sniper outfit set. Once again, VeryHOt has based their PMC sniper outfit on Hot Toys PMC (Private Military Contractor) 12-inch figure which was released in 2007. This VeryHot PMC sniper wears a green tactical shirt with his blue jeans - civilians don't wear uniforms.

A private military company (PMC) or (Private Military or Security Companies) provides military and security services. These combatants are commonly known as mercenaries, though modern-day PMCs refer to their staff as security contractors, private military contractors or private security contractors, and refer to themselves as private military corporations, private military firms, private security providers or military service providers.

Private Military Companies refer to their business generally as the private military industry, in an attempt to avoid the stigma often associated with mercenaries. The hiring of mercenaries is a common practice in the history of armed conflict.

Do PMCs even field Sniper units? The answer apparently is "Yes". Purpose? Overwatch / Building Security. There is a video of Blackwater Snipers on top of a building engaging approaching enemies with a SPR (search for Blackwater Snipers Najaf).

Please note that this is a sniper outfit set so NO 12-inch figure will be included although Veryhot manages to show just how cool their outfit looks on a figure and this one manages to look like a famous football player who once played for Manchester United but recently won the MLS (Major League Soccer) Cup with the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team.

Every sniper needs a sidearm for close quarter defense and even PMC snipers are no different.

The 1/6 scale Maxpedition JUMBO EDC (for Every Day Carry) Tactical Nylon Sling Shoulder Bag is cool. I have a 1:1 scale version just like it, except mine is the Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP) version, the pattern currently used by the US Army.

The VeryHot 1/6 scale Maxpedition JUMBO EDC (for Every Day Carry) Tactical Nylon Sling Shoulder Bag has opening pouches and working zips. Pretty cool for something so small

CamelBak Hydration Pak for when a sniper gets thirsty. The tube allows for hands-free no hassle feeding, no need for opening caps and tilting water canteens.

This VeryHot 1/6 scale PMC Sniper outfit set includes a light green tactical shirt, blue jeans, tan boonie hat, shemagh, hiking boots, (molded) gloved hands, tan knee pads and sunglasses. Equipment includes a tan HSG leg sub-load, black Camelbak hydration pack, black Maxpedition Versipak, and a tan LBT 1961 chest rig. And his weapon is a Barrett .50 cal sniper rifle with a shortened barrel.

The grommets on the boonie hat should be on the side (perhaps they have been put on wrongly for the pictures) but overall, a great kit for kitbashing :) Because this is a non-military kit, it makes it more flexible for use with other purposes.


sam said...

Hey, my budding collection is too big to store on my desk and shelves. I was wondering where did you buy the vertical glass casings you use to display your figures at your house? Thanks in advance for the advise.

alex teo said...

Hi Sam the vertical glass casings were bought from IKEA sometime ago. They were meant for storing music CDs.