Tuesday, December 6, 2011

ZCWO 1/6 Biker Girl Shimei 12-inch Figure Preview

Hot of the heels of ZCWO 1/6 scale Azami Biker Girl is Shimei (Biker girl) - shown in the previous post - is another 12-inch female biker action figure but this one's wearing blue threads instead of black!

ZCWO 1/6 scale Biker Girl Shimei 12-inch Female Figure will come with Highly detailed painted head sculpt, ZC Pale Female Body, Long Torso with tattoo, Motocycle Helmet, Blue Leather Biker Jacket, Blue Leather Biker Pants, Belt, DLock x 2, Knife, Biker Boots, Machine Gun with magazines, Grenade x 2. Everything you see EXCEPT the Kawasaki which is NOT included :(

The machine gun is identical to the one that was released with the ZC 1/6 scale Rosanna biker chick - it's a Scorpion SA 361 submachine gun with suppressor, fore grip, three types of magazine (10-rd, 20-rd and 30-rd) and foldable shoulder stock. MORE pictures HERE

Shimei (Biker girl) also has a tattoo on her back

And here's a picture taken of ZCWO Azami Biker Girl and Shimei motorcycle chick side-by-side

Another biker chick that was released way back is Harley CG (Cool Girl) by Takara. Check out the PICTURES here ;p


matt said...

hi alex do you know when will these be released? like the blue better than the black though, something different! hope the prices are not very expensive as it has no bike :(

D7ana said...

She's very pretty. Her bust is an eye-opener. Huh? But her face is pretty and realistic.