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Review 1: Art Figures AF-005 Avenger AKA Thomas Jane Punisher

The Punisher is the 2004 "reboot" of the Marvel character. Thomas Jane stars as Frank Castle, a former Special Forces operator and FBI agent who when his entire family is killed, seeks vengeance on the arms dealer who ordered the hit. This film was the second of three different movie adaptations featuring the Frank Castle character including 1989's The Punisher (Dolph Lundgren as Frank Castle) and 2008's Punisher: War Zone with Ray Stevenson as Frank castle.

This is Art Figures AF-005 1/6 scale Avenger 12-inch figure which is essentially Thomas Jane as Frank Castle, the Punisher! Art Figures has been producing some very good head sculpts lately and this is no different. Art Figures has managed to capture the likeness of actor Thomas Jane and I must say the resemblance is really very good :)

In "The Punisher (2004)", FBI agent Frank Castle (Thomas Jane) retires after an undercover operation where Bobby Saint, son of corrupt businessman Howard Saint, is killed. Howard Saint, holding Castle responsible for the death of his son, butchers Frank's family during a family reunion and leaves Frank for dead. Burnt out and taunted by memories of his murdered family, Frank sets out to avenge his family and becomes a judge, jury and executioner known as "The Punisher". Castle sets out to punish Howard Saint and his associates in a one man war; Castle is not willing to give up until those responsible are dead.

Art Figures AF-005 1/6 scale Avenger 12-inch figure aka Thomas Jane Punisher comes in the standard AF box packaging with black sponge to hold the parts and figure in place. No twisties, no ties which is what we collectors like because it's easy to remove the items this way.

Out pops the figure right out of the box, wearing Black T shirt with The Punisher skull logo printed on it (his son had given it to him), Black jacket / trench coat, Black Trousers, belt and Brown shoes. The 12-inch male body with 1/6 scale Thomas Jane as Frank Castle head sculpt comes with bendy hands i.e. hands with flexible / bendable fingers for posing and holding his various weapons.

Accessories include shoulder holster, Drop-down thigh holster, M1911 Pistol Magazines x 4, 2 x M1911A1s pistols with compensators (NOT silencers / suppressors)

Frank Castle (Thomas Jane) uses a pair of heavily customized M1911A1s as his main sidearms in the film. His father Frank Castle Sr. (Roy Scheider) devoted some dialogue to the guns, commenting on how he bored the chambers, customized the triggers, and added some thread-on compensators. Castle takes the two Colt M1911A1s out of his father's display case after his family is massacred by the Saints.

Other weapons include M4A1 carbine (to be fitted with an M203 grenade launcher included) and an Aimpoint CompM2 red dot sight, M16 30-round magazine, M-381 40mm Grenade round and Remington M870 Pump action shotgun

When Castle goes to the Saint Building to dump all his money into the street, he takes a Mossberg 590 "Compact Cruiser" shotgun, which is the perfect gun to stash in his trench coat. He uses the gun to force Saint's money launderers to dump the money from the top floor and "rain 100 dollar bills."

There's also the 1/6 scale Emerson Combat Karambit, which is reputed to be the ultimate 21st Century Folding Knife from Emerson Knives. The Karambit, is a very old and proven design from Indonesia. It was inspired by, resembles and functions in the same manner as the Tiger Claw. The Emerson Folding Karambit features the patented "wave shaped feature" which makes it the fastest opening and deploying knife in the world.

Here's the Art Figures AF-005 1/6 scale Avenger AKA Thomas Jane Punisher 12-inch figure with coat removed to show off the skull logo on his black T-shirt. He is armed with his customized M1911A1s pistols in each hand.

Art Figures AF-005 12-inch Avenger figure with his 1/6 scale M4 / M203 locked, loaded and ready for some avenging action!

Frank Castle is seen using an M4A1 carbine fitted with an M203 grenade launcher and an Aimpoint CompM2 red dot sight when assaulting Howard Saint's club Saints and Sinners. He loses use of this weapon when a bad guy's bullet hits the receiver and ruins the gun.

On the original movie poster for the film, Castle is seen armed with an M16A2 assault rifle (with A2 rear Sight, brass deflector, heavy barrel and longer butt-stock) fitted with an M203 grenade launcher.

NEXT: Fully dressed Art Figures AF-005 1/6 scale Avenger 12-inch figure OR Thomas Jane Punisher about to dish out his brand of justice and avenge the murder and deaths of his entire family.

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