Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone :)

Another year has come and it's almost gone. It's already Christmas and very soon it'll be a whole new year 2012. According to some people, the world is going to end in 2012 but let's not live a life believing in gloom and doom. I believe in living life to the fullest and enjoying each and everyday that God had blessed us with so on this Christmas Day, I want to wish everyone a blessed Merry Christmas and may you find love, joy and peace during this season and keep it and bring it with you into the next year!

This Chupa Chups Christmas Tree Set was a gift from the nice people at The Falcon's Hangar, the best toy shop in Singapore :) It's a nice gesture since I didn't get them anything in return haha The Chupa Chups Christmas Tree Set comes with 52 lollipops which consist of 5 different flavours: Blackberry, Cola, Orange, Strawberry and Watermelon AND it has lights and music as well. I would invite you guys to have a lick but there just isn't enough to go around ;p

This season's Santa Claus is a "cleaner" the other times of the year and if you ask him who's on his list, he'll probably tell you "No women, no kids, that's the rules." And if you ask him for a gift, he'll pass you a gun and some bullets and tell you "Here, take it. It's a goodbye gift. Go clean. But not with me. I work alone, understand? Alone."

His advise this Christmas? "You need some time to grow up a little. You might think you have finished growing up; that you just get older but for me it's the opposite. I'm old enough. I need time to grow up."

Anyway, we should all remember the true meaning of Christmas. It's not about Santa Claus and all the commercialism. It's a much more powerful and meaningful message than that! Merry Christmas everyone!


Anonymous said...

Happy Christmass Alex and to ALL!
Many thanks Joneefubar
P.S. Keep up the good work ;)

Lawrence said...

Merry Christmas to you & your family!

alex teo said...

Thanks Joneefubar, Lawrence :)