Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1/6 Alice from "Resident Evil: Extinction"

"Resident Evil: Extinction" is a 2007 science fiction action horror film. It is the third installment in the series of film adaptations based on the Capcom survival horror series Resident Evil. The film follows the amnesiac heroine Alice, along with a group of survivors from Raccoon City, as they attempt to travel across the Mojave desert wilderness to Alaska and escape a zombie apocalypse. [source: wiki]

The heroine Alice is played by none other than Milla Jovovich. We all want a Milla Jovovich figure, whether it is as Leeloo from "The Fifth Element (1997)" or Alice from the "Resident Evil" films or Violet Song jat Shariff from "Ultraviolet (2006)", GIVE us a GOOD Milla Jovovich figure PLEASE!!

1/6 Brother Production will be releasing this CONTEMPORY ZOMBIE KILLER with the following description: 1/6 Delux Head-Sculpt with over 35 Moving Joints Female Body, Long Coat (with hidden metal wire), Short Sleeve Shirt, Short Pants, Brown Stockings, Double Military Belt, Drop-down Holsters (left & right sides) and 2 x Hand Guns, Remington Shotgun & Shotgun Bag, Kukri Knife x 2, Wrist Band (Flying Darts Holder), Darts x 3, Glove Hands x 5 and Leather Boots. Limited to 100pcs

Obviously a knock-off since this is a non-licensed figure

Alice gets very cold without her long coat

And here's a knock-off of the knock-off - LOL! 1/6 Girls Mission (another new company?) will be releasing this R.E. Alice with 1/6 Female Head-Sculpt and 1/6 Female Body, Long Coat, Short Sleeve Shirt, Short Pants, Brown Stockings, Double Military Belt, Dropdown Holsters (left & right sides) and 2 Hand Guns, Kukri Knife x 2, Glove Hands x 2, Hand Made Leather Boots, Scarf and Bow

Wah Lau! The face Cannot Make It!!

Updated June 4, 2009: A dear friend pointed me to this updated picture - slight improvement BUT still not Milla Jovovich

There was another GREAT-looking custom 1/6 scale 12-inch Milla Jovovich as Alice figure from "Resident Evil (2002)" but for the PRICE, which was the killer :( - post here


The Rebel said...

Wow! Cool Alex...

"Will be releasing" means that this brother production item has yet to reach Asia? Looks pretty decent....I think I wanna get her! Cld I get more info for this Alex?

alex teo said...

hey rebel, word out is: "It's not released yet" Both are ETA June '09 @ USD109.99

links here:

Shaun said...

any idea what figure this is:, my guru?

alex teo said...

hey shaun, it looks like a much improved head sculpt of the 1/6 Girls Mission R.E. Alice. Clothing and accessories look to be the same - much better head sculpt but NOT Milla Jovovich :(

Anonymous said...

I got "parts" the Triad Toys Natalya DX kit from E-Bay. Mostly just the head and working to get more accessories to flesh her out a bit. Not sure about this RE Extinction figure though. Its unlicensed and I see the only place to get this is overseas to the United States. I'm very hesistant about ordering overseas due to possible problems with customs not to mention the infinite possiblities of losing the package in shipment. Although I did place my first Ebay order for 1/6 outfit with a seller last week just as an experiment.

Javon said...

Does Brother Production or Girls Mission have a website?