Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hot Toys Secret Service Agent

The United States Secret Service Uniformed Division is similar to the United States Capitol Police and is in charge of protecting the physical White House grounds and foreign diplomatic missions in the Washington, DC area. The Uniformed Division has three branches: the White House Branch, Foreign Missions and the Naval Observatory Branch. Together they provide protection for the following: The President and Vice President of the United States and their immediate families, presidential candidates, the White House Complex, the Vice President’s Residence, the Main Treasury Department building and its annex facility, and foreign diplomatic missions in the Washington DC metropolitan area. [source: wiki]

This ia a kitbash 1/6 12-inch Secret Service agent with Hot Toys Secret Service (ERT - Emergency Response Team) White House Division parts, namely figure, assault vest and Heckler & Koch G36C (It has a folding stock and removable magazine. The top section with optical sights and front handguard can all be stripped. Even the safety catch works)

Close-up of the Hot Toys Secret Service (ERT) assault vest and G36C

Nice details on the G36C

There has been much speculation as to who the head sculpt is supposed to represent - your guess is as good as mine.

Previous post: Hot Toys Secret Service (ERT) agent demonstrating different types of multiple grenade launchers.

Most recent post of a police officer with a G36 was BBI Elite Force Los Angeles County Sheriff Department (LASD) SWAT officer "Chuck Morris" (link here)


Joshua said...

now i'm highly tempted to get this figure...

been setting my sights on this for a long time but held back due to the huge MMS lines from hot toys.

alex teo said...

hi joshua, i didn't get this boxed figure from Hot Toys either, just parts from China Square Central.

IMHO, Hot Toys' MMS figures are more value for money as any collector and non-collector will recognize them instantly from the movies they had seen. Even from Hot Toys range of MMS figures, I've not been able to get everything :( had to pick the ones that I really wanted.