Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Playmobil 3949 Deep Sea Diver

This was one of the earliest Playmobil figures I got, simply because it was really a miniaturised version of the GI Joe 1/6 scale 12 inch Deep Sea Diver (see link here). Having bought the latest version of Playmobil's Deep Sea Diver (wearing the atmospheric diving suit or ADS) - see my post here, I decided to put the two together.

Basic figure - notice the old hairstyle as compared with the latest version

Comes with his diving helmet and lead weight shoes

Deep-sea diving with Helmet Diving Suits usually consist of a waterproof one-piece suit made of canvas and rubber that entirely covers the wearer except for the head and hands. Heavy rubber bands seal the suit at the wrists, leaving the hands free. On the feet the diver wears leaded boots weighing about 40 lb (18 kg) and lead weights are fastened to the chest to maintain equilibrium. A metal helmet with side and front windows covers the head. A noncollapsible pipe connects the helmet to an air supply. An attached lifeline hauls the diver to the surface.

Too rapid an ascent from great depths causes the diver to suffer decompression sickness .

Included with this set is a moray eel and sunken treasure in the form of an 'antique' vase

I also added additional elements to the undersea environment

Treasure chest and octopus. Octopuses are highly intelligent, probably the most intelligent invertebrates. For defense against predators, they hide, flee quickly, expel ink or use color-changing camouflage. Always have been fascinated with these cephalopods.

And here are Playmobil's Deep Sea Divers, side by side


cosmicbaby said...

Pair of very nice Playmobil!
Both has it's appeal!
I have been busy playing with ADS diver too!

alex teo said...

The ADS is a very cool piece :) I liked the original for being identical to GI Joe version

playmobil airport said...

Nice item to be collected,I can say that I will enjoy playing this item because it has a lot of gadgets where you can play and explore.Thanks for the post.