Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kitbash British Soldier

This is my feeble attempt at kitbashing a British soldier stationed in Afghanistan as part of the ISAF (Nato's International Security Assistance Force) - see previous post. The Mk6 helmet with LED headlamp and goggles are from Hot Toys British Army's Blues and Royals Regiment Lieutenant (see post here). The helmet was just too small to fit the figure's head or any other head for that matter. That's why I chose a GI Joe body because he's of smaller built. He's wearing Barrack Sergeant 1/6 Osprey MKII Body Armour plus Loading Toys high Caliga boots (taken from Loading Toys Dangerous Man "Loses" set - link here)

The Hot Toys 1/6 British Mk6 helmet is still a very tight fit although the details are nice. The Barrack Sergeant 1/6 Osprey MKII Body Armour comes with various pouches that you can attach to the assault vest in British Army's Desert DPM camouflage.

Also comes with Camelbak hydration pack

He is armed with a L86 Light Support Weapon. Dragon used to equip their British soldiers with lots of these e.g. Operation Enduring Freedom "Roger" (post here)

These Loading Toys Caliga high boots are really nice and detailed.

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