Thursday, June 25, 2009

Soldier Story PMC Instructor Preview

Latest release from Soldier Story will be a PMC Instructor wearing T.A.D. Gear. T.A.D. (Triple Aught Design) is internationally recognized for producing exceptional, rugged wilderness and tactical gear that has proven to be extremely popular with members in the Special Operations, LE and PMC communities. Check out their website here for lots of cool gear.

Soldier Story's 1/6 scale 12-inch PMC Instructor will come with a cool T.A.D. jacket, magazine bandoleer, jeans, pistol belt with pistol and hip holster, and Oakley shoes. Enough with the Oakleys already, we need some new footwear options.

T.A.D. Gear Stealth Hoodie Classic (Exclusive Soldier Story Color M.E. Brown)

Head sculpt resembles Jeff Bridges as Stark Industries executive Obadiah Stan from the "Iron Man" movie. Slap on a suit and I can have him standing beside Hot Toys Tony Stark and Iron Man together with the other Armored figures. The head sculpt also kind of remind me of Demo Dick Marcinko, Rogue Warrior (1/6 pictures of him here) and creator of Red Cell (post here)

Check out the vein that's about to pop on his temple - really intense. That's one good sculpt!

T.A.D. Gear Bandoleer

Type 56 assault rifle (die-cast metal with wooden parts) with folding bayonet and Type 56 magazines (including a spring loaded metal die-cast magazine) - already issued before with Soldier Story Vietnam War US MACV-SOG (see my post here). Would have preferred a Heckler & Koch HK 416, the improved version of the M4 carbine with many changes, most notably a new style gas system borrowed from the HK G36.

Decals or insignia bearing the T.A.D. (Triple Aught Design) logo

Other PMCs - Brothers Production PMC "Tom" with a certain resemblance to a famous celebrity of Top Gun fame (link here). And here's another PMC with a superb Hot Toys head sculpt (check out my post here)

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