Monday, June 15, 2009

Afghan violence 'likely to rise'

It was reported in Saturday's The Straits Times that the violence in Afghanistan last week reached its highest level since 2001 as General David Petraeus, commander of US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, warned of "tough months" ahead even as US reinforcements flow in.

Picture shows ISAF (Nato's International Security Assistance Force) troops evacuating a wounded soldier earlier this week after fighting in the Balamurghab district.

US troop strength is expected to reach 68,000 later this year. That is a much higher number than the 37,000 previously reported (link here). There are an additional 33,000 allied troops under US and Nato commands.

And here are some 1/6 12-inch British soldiers. They may or may not be representative of the ISAF

Hot Toys British Army Blues and Royals Regiment Lieutenant and Dragon "Aaron"

Hot Toys British Army Blues and Royals Regiment 1/6 scale Tank Commander and Dragon Royal Marines Commando "Roger" at the back row


cosmicbaby said...

Afghanistan would be a perfect place to test a dozen of those spare nukes from the cold war days! kill 2 birds & everything with it :)
... & drop another dozen for good measures!

alex teo said...

Wah Marcus, very hiong ;p on that note, they should also drop some on North Korea too - LOL