Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Commandos are Best Combat Unit again!

With the new camouflage uniform adopted by the Singapore Armed Forces comes a new way of painting camouflage on the faces - "dotted" war-paint to match their new pixalised pattern camouflage uniforms, a far cry from the old "watermelon" design (see picture and text below)

And here are the Commandos in action - Advance scouts from the 1st Commando Battalion securing a shoreline during a beach landing demonstration. The Commandos have won the SAF Best Combat Unit award 6 years in a row, their record 23rd win in the competition's 40-year history. The annual Best Unit Competition grades SAF units on such criteria as battle readiness, physical fitness, marksmanship, manpower issues, logistics, readiness and safety. The Commando Battalion is made up mainly of full-time national servicemen. That in itself, is quite impressive.

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