Friday, June 26, 2009

ZC Rosanna on her Honda RC 211V bike - another take

This post is for a friend I met online way back in September 2008. Dennis Korol has since started collecting 1/6 figures and taken some pretty amazing shots. Posted below are his take on the recently released ZC Rosanna Biker Chick and her 1/6 bike, the Honda RC 211V moto gp race bike.

You can check out his site here - Great name for a site - don't we all want million dollar jobs :)

My earlier posts on ZC Rosanna on her bike here, just the chick and her accessories here and just on the bike alone here. There was just too much to cover fully in one post, so I ended up with a 3-part review.


Michel VO Takahashi said...

Nice pics!!!!
Looks so real!!
Really a great figure!!

alex teo said...

hey michel, dennis gets the credit for this one :)