Sunday, June 14, 2009

Soldier Story 1/6 US MACV-SOG Review II

Continued from previous post: Some enemy equipment was used as a practical measure such as a Chi-Com vest if you used an AK - an effective weapon in the harsh environment of the 'Nam. The Type 56 assault rifle is a Chinese copy of the Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle, which has been manufactured since 1956. Many versions also feature a folding bayonet attached to the barrel just aft of the muzzle.

Soldier Story 1/6 12-inch US MACV-SOG comes with Type 56 chest rig , Type 56 assault rifle (die-cast metal with wooden parts) with folding bayonet and four 30-rd Type 56 magazines (three plastic and one spring loaded metal die-cast magazine)

You could load the 1/6 metal cartridges into the magazine. Also came with empty cartridges

You could carry the spare magazines in the Type 56 chest rig

Willem or Elias his Tigerstripe BDUs and all geared up

Soldier Story 1/6 12-inch US MACV-SOG ready to render some "assistance" to the NVA, vietcong or "Charlie" i.e. assist them to their graves

Now Willem/Elias can join Charlie/Chris Taylor from "Platoon" (post here)

Other 1/6 MACV-SOG figures in my collection: Dragon MACV-SOG "Ron" with Charles Bronson likeness (link here) and my post on the Vietnam War


The Rebel said...

Hey Alex,

Nice figure of Mr Defoe here! hehe....

Are there any other 1/6th representation of US GIs in 'Nam? I mean, say in the likes of the ones portrayed in the TV series "Tour Of Duty" maybe...or those plain lookin GIs shown in Platoon or Hamburger Hill?

alex teo said...

hey rebel, you just got to look under my 'Nam label :)

The Rebel said...

Already did that! heheh.thanks your collection of Nam USMCs.

alex teo said...

thanks rebel :) glad you enjoyed the posts