Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cool Gadget Number 1

Here's a post I hope to be able to do on a regular basis (HINT! HINT!) - review cool gadgets sent to me for FREE :) These gadgets are available through and they sell lots of cool stuff at low low OR budget prices, hence the name BudgetGadget, get it ;p They've got Cameras & Photo accessories, Car Accessories, Cell Phones & PDA, Electronics, Home & Garden, Sporting Goods, Toys & Hobbies, Video Games and other stuff as well. Check it out - after all, you buy it only if you like it!

All their prices seem very reasonable (as in priced for the budget conscious) plus Free Shipping too! If you quote this coupon name - AM5OFF12 when you shop at their site, you can get a 5% discount site-wide! Like I said before, "Blogging has its privileges" - ha! ha!

This is a Multifunctional Compass + Whistle + LED Light + Thermometer + Light Reflector + Magnifier (Item ID: 5372 - link here). It integrates six functions: Compass, Whistle, Light, Thermometer, Magnifier and Reflector. Really handy and great for outdoor adventures. Heck, it's just nice and cool to have.


Whistle - I use it to wake the boys in the morning now - ha! ha!

Compass - one must always have this around, especially when you are house hunting

LED light

The gadget can be taken apart by simply turning the centre knob. The whistle end has a reflector

The centre portion itself is a magnifier. The LED end houses the batteries.

It measures 97 x 28 mm, or 3.82 x 1.10 inches and net weight is 43 g, or 1.52 oz

But here's a measurement I'm more comfortable with - comparing it with a Hot Toys 1/6 scale 12-inch Billy Sole from the "Predator" movie. I bet Billy would find this gadget useful too. Full review of Hot Toys Private Billy Sole here.

So there you have it. Interested parties can check out their website, and remember if you quote the coupon AM5OFF12 when you shop at their site, you can get a 5% discount site-wide.

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