Monday, June 22, 2009

Singapore's very own Green Beret/SEAL

The RSN (Republic of Singapore Navy) has been making waves recently, what with its six new stealth ships being put through its paces (link here) plus the first of its new AIP submarines, the RSS Archer (see my post here) going on sea trials.

Then in Saturday's The Straits Times, we were introduced to Second Warrant Officer (2WO) Chan Mun Hong, age 38 years YOUNG, being one of only two warrant officers selected last year for the prestigious five-month long Green Beret course in the US Army. 2WO Chan was also one of only 20 trainees in a class of 450 to complete the six-month long US Navy SEALs course a decade ago. He recalled the infamous "Hell Week" when trainees are put through 132 hours of continuous physical activity and attributed his success to persevering and remembering the motto of his Naval Diving Unit (NDU): "Nothing Stands In Our Way".

2WO Chan was one of 208 warrant officers promoted by the SAF this year and he certainly deserves all the attention. Kudos to you, Chan Mun Hong!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you on your post of my article. Appreciate it although the thank you came late as I was away - Chan Mun Hong

alex teo said...

Hi Warrant Chan, you are most welcome :) I should be thanking you for doing Singapore proud. All the BEST!