Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sideshow Collectibles Dana Scully from The X-Files

Another FemFig (Female Figure) to add to the collection of Femme Fatale (see previous post HERE) is Sideshow Collectibles 12" figure from "The X-Files" TV series, a 1/6 scale Dana Scully. Scully is a special agent of the United States' Federal Bureau of Investigation, partnered with fellow Special agent Fox Mulder to investigate unsolved cases labeled "X-Files", cases that have been deemed unsolvable by the F.B.I.

This Sideshow 12" figure came out in 2004 but I totally missed it when it was first released and wasn't going to pay extra for e-bay (eVIL-bay) versions plus shipping, so I was pleased as punch when I managed to get it at a VERY GOOD price at the TOY CARNIVAL @ SAM recently (see post HERE). Especially since this was the exclusive version which was limited to 750 pieces while the regular version saw the release of 5,000 pieces.

I liked the box design as it captured the look and feel of the show. I preferred the one-off stories more than the conspiracy theories but overall, the show was fun. FBI agent Dana Scully (played by Gillian Anderson) was a skeptic and was assigned to Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) in order to debunk and control Mulder's unorthodox working methods. By its final airing, "The X-Files" had become the longest-running science fiction series ever on US broadcast television.

Accessories include an X-file folder, cell phone or mobile phone and flashlight.

Inside the folder is a set of photographs from the different cases, along with a cover page. The cover page with File no. X-120898 was for "Investigating the disappearance of FBI Agent Raymond Crouch". All the photos and the folder itself are printed on heavy card stock.

Scully comes dressed with her overcoat, shirt with wide collar, pants, belt and boots. She has her FBI badge and is armed with the Smith & Wesson pistol with removable magazine, similar to Fox Mulder (see post HERE for the review of Sideshow Collectibles 12" Fox Mulder)

IMHO, this is definitely one of the better head sculpts done by Sideshow Collectibles. They managed the capture the likeness of actress Gillian Anderson, who acted as Dana Scully, very well. During her time on The X-Files (which ran for nine seasons), Anderson won several awards for her portrayal of Special Agent Scully, including an Emmy Award, Golden Globe and two Screen Actors Guild awards for "Best Actress in a Drama Series."

A closer view of her Smith & Wesson pistol with removable magazine. The slide mechanism can also be pulled back and released to simulate the loading of the first round into the chamber.

Dana Scully's FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) Badge with HUGE clip

Scully's overcoat is also a well tailored piece and fits her body nicely.

Underneath the black overcoat, the shirt itself is a little short and doesn't really tuck into the pants but still looks good. There's also a belt with her black pants.

The next post HERE will see Sideshow Dana Scully without her overcoat and also the additional item that came with this exclusive version.

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Anonymous said...

There is another version in forensic officer costume -- very cool costume. These 2 versions together with Fox Moulder's releases were not commonly available in Asia (at least in Singarpore and Hong Kong). Sideshow has to enlarge its distribution network.

alex teo said...

Hi, I know of the Forensic costume which is more readily available but I much prefer this version because I can pose her with Mulder :)

Anonymous said...

ALl fbi ppl wear such huge clips to hold their badge?

Pituvision said...

Great Review on this old Figure! Scully rocks! Glad you were able to get one! awesome pics to! you didnt miss anything!

alex teo said...

@ dennis, apparently SideshoW FBI Agents do - ha! ha!

@ Pituvision THANKS