Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hot Toys Terminator Salvation (Final Battle version) John Connor Preview

We all knew Hot Toys was going to do it, just not sure when. Well, we don't have to guess anymore. Hot Toys is proud to announce their latest MMS (Movie Masterpiece Series) figure from the Terminator Salvation 1/6th scale lineup - Hot Toys MMS 111 Terminator Salvation: 1/6th scale John Connor collectible figure (Final Battle Version). This just after everyone has gotten their hands on the first John Connor figure (see my full review HERE and HERE - yup! two parts)

This collectible figure stands approximately 30 cm tall, featuring Hot Toys True-type figure body with over 36 points of articulation. This Final Battle version comes with a battle-damaged endoskeleton featured base and also a 1/6th scale fully articulated Hydrobot with light up function. John Connor's Uniform will consist of field jacket, pants, T-shirt, tactical belt, tactical vest and backpack. Accessories include headset, radio with pouch, Pistol Magazine pouch, Shoulder pad, Drop leg panels, Grenades with holder, Armband, Tactical gloves and Assault boots. Weapons include the highly anticipated HK416 with tactical red dot sight, M203 grenade launcher with elastic sling, and Pistol with holster

This John Connor figure features the high quality head sculpture (by Kojun) with battle damaged face, perfect painting (by JC Hong) and authentic Christian Bale likeness.

Hot Toys MMS 1/6 scale 12" John Connor with HK416 with tactical red dot sight

With M203 Grenade Launcher

1/6th scale fully articulated Hydrobot with light up function

Release date: Q4, 2009

Artists: Head Sculpt by Kojun with Paint by J.C Hong


Dash MacBastard said...

I like this one much more than the first version. Glad the Hydrobot comes with it!

desmond said...

Alex, will you get this piece??

Armand said...

Well this one looks very very tempting to get. Should I or shouldn't I?

Anonymous said...

dont like the outfit in this one, the only way id be tempted to get this one if the sculpt is better, but we all know that the initial sculpt photo is never the same as the release

The Rebel said...

Very Tempting Indeed!!!! Btw, the 1st version has a better outfit IMHO but not having a leather-like apparel certainly adds to its longer shelf/display life...especially for us in the South east asia region!

Anonymous said...

I havent watched the movie yet so i can't relate yet to these new released figures, same thing with the Iron Man collections...
But they do look works of art!

alex teo said...

@ Dash, I prefer the first outfit - why can't Hot Toys just include the parts in the first version and let us choose which one we want to display instead of forcing us to buy two.

@ desmond, haven't decided :?

@ Armand, me thinking the same thots.

@ Rebel, ditto on the leather outfit - always worry that they start disintegrating and falling apart - worse when kept in the box!!

@ AL, they are works of art but can they be less painful on the pocket - ha! ha!

desmond said...

I decided to skip this piece and get Ironman Mark 3 in Battle Damage Version.

Anonymous said...

I may end up getting this when it comes, though I noticed a slight error, the 416 should've been with the leather jacket variant while the M4 w/the shotgun mount was used in the final battle. Aside form that, I like the head sculpt, I'm sure Christian Bale would be proud and the Hydrobot

xXx said...

if i kept leather outfit in the box with extra silica gel, it's gonna help to prevent the leather from peeled off (disintegrating)?

do you have any suggestion for better way to store leather outfit in the box?