Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hot Toys Terminator Salvation John Connor Review II

Continued from previous post

Hot Toys 1/6 12-inch Collector's Edition MMS 95 (Movie Masterpiece Series) Terminator Salvation John Connor (Christian Bale) kitted out and armed with his M4A1 Carbine with an M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System attachment OR M4A1 with tactical red dot sight and under barrel XM-26 LSS (Lightweight Shotgun System) with six extra M4 magazines, SIG P250 pistol (it's supposed to be a Heckler & Koch Mk 23 Mod 0 pistol which was John Connor's sidearm throughout the movie) plus two extra clips or magazines, Line launcher, tactical fixed blade with wrist band sheath, four blocks of plastic explosives (C4 or demolition block composition explosive), Radio and Headset.

John Connor (Christian Bale) keeps his spare 12-round pistol magazines in his double magazine pouch on his right chest.

You gotta love the Christian Bale as John Connor head sculpt by Hot Toys. The resemblance is amazing and the skin texture and paintwork is absolutely stunning. The headset to his radio fits snugly in his left ear.

He keeps two of his spare M4 30-round magazines in the m4 ammo pouches. These come loose and you basically attach them to his very well produced harness.

The four C4 demolition blocks are kept stored by his left thigh. Note the knee pads incorporated into his very well worn tiger stripe pattern pants.

Also check out the well-produced 1/6 boots Hot Toys MMS Terminator Salvation John Connor wears

His radio sits nicely in the radio pouch carried on his back...

... along with the remaining four M4 30-round magazines. His SIG P250 pistol is kept in his hard shell holster attached to the drop-leg panel on his right thigh.

Another close look at the very detailed and well-produced M4A1 assault rifle with tactical red dot sight and under barrel XM-26 LSS (Lightweight Shotgun System)

Tactical fixed blade with wrist band sheath worn on his right wrist

Hot Toys 1/6 12-inch Collector's Edition Terminator Salvation John Connor (Christian Bale) with SIG P250 pistol

The man is INTENSE!! Not hard to imagine Christian Bale hurling verbal abuse at cinematographer Shane Hurlbut during the filming on the set of the movie. He used the F-word 36 times in four minutes. See my post HERE

And finally, with his Line launcher



This is one DAMN Fine figure indeed!!


desmond said...

Looking at the pictures, did you notice the edge of both hand gloves (near fingers) is not well painted or this is purposely to be painted that way.

alex teo said...

hey desmond, i believe these were proper gloves which were then cut at the finger tips by john connor, unlike some motorbike gloves which are already pre-cut, hence the look ;> hot toys is really quite detailed and accurate in its execution.

Anonymous said...

HOT TOYS done it again, nicely done figure...
I got a HOT TOYS USMC Fallujah headsculpt and i think its a Christian Bale look alike.
I outfitted him in a DID pilot gears, and the jacket looks similar somewhat to this one! hehe coincidence? i did that bash months ago before seeing this photos...

alex teo said...

hey AL i think you are talking about this figure - http://toyhaven.blogspot.com/2008/01/harsh-times-2006.html

still the question remains "Are you psychic?"

Anonymous said...

ah yup thats the one. I only got the headsculpt hehe. I'm on a headsculpt hunting program at ebay!
about the Psychic thing i don't know but i do sense a disturbance in the force whenever a good figure or accessory is on sale at ebay! LOL :)

Anonymous said...

I look at it over and over again and not get tired of watching how great work HT did with each and every detail.

I only try to find out one thing, and maybe you can help me: The leather kinda jacket peels off or is it very resistant, despite the fact that it is not supposed to be played with.


alex teo said...

the leather jacket is holding out just fine. still hasn't peel yet and no cracks either. looks as good as new CHEERS

xXx said...

It's good if your leather jacket still fine
Because mine already started to peel :(

ethan said...

My left badge has fallen off due to the cracks along side of the leather jacket that holds to the badge.
It seems that the badge is 'glued' to the jacket, and the whole patch of jacket that it is glued to just came off.

Any idea how to fix it guys?

alex teo said...

hi ethan

sorry to hear that man :( it sucks BIG time when these things happen to expensive stuff that we pay good money for. I checked mine as well and can tell that it's all a matter of time before it happens to my John Connor piece too.

as far as i know, that's nothing much we can do about it because rubber and leather materials tend to deterioate over time (it's all a matter of WHEN and not IF)

that's why some people stay away from all toys that have rubber or leather materials. Some materials do last a lot longer than others (I don't know why that is) but some just fall apart on us.

Apparently, this John Connor figure is one of those :( I've read on forums as well of this particular John Connor's deterioating outfit i.e. the leather jacket. The other figure that's fallen apart is the HT WATCHMEN comedian figure and the rubber Martians from Mars Attacks!

In the end, we just enjoy it while it lasts I guess. No solutions have been offered to us :(

ethan said...

:( Thanks Alex