Tuesday, September 29, 2009

1/6 Movie Memorabilia - Sci-Fi and Action Packed

One of the joys of collecting 1/6 action figures is that you can now bring a part of that movie experience home with you, not just the DVDs but 1/6 scale movie memorabilia figures with their authentic fabric costumes, accessories and props. With Hot Toys leading the way with their Movie Masterpiece Series, other 1/6 manufacturers are following suit and we are getting bombarded with quite a nice selection of movie figures. Here are just some of the figures I've managed to get my hands on :)


Little Plastic Man said...

Always nice to see your collection...:)esp your movie related figures

desmond said...

Alex, when can I have a chance to visit your toy castle?? HAHA!!

alex teo said...

thanks Adrian, always glad to share :)

@ desmond, the next time i open my home for viewing, you'll be one of the first to know ;p