Monday, September 7, 2009

Wild Work Vietnam War BDU & gear set 2 Preview

Another company producing 1/6 gear for us 1/6 hungry people who can't seem to get enough of the 1/6 fix - everything 1/6 also want but wallet and pocket cannot take it already lah - LOL! Wild Work will be releasing their second Vietnam War BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) and gear set comprising tiger stripe camouflage pattern clothing and boonie hat plus M1956 gear including what looks to be a very well produced 1/6 poncho.

Check out the amazing stitching on this 1/6 poncho

It even has the printed words at the corner like the real thing. We ex-NS and NS guys can certainly identify with this item, especially when we are out in the field and it rains cats and dogs and all we have is this poncho which didn't help very much to keep us dry or warm.

Now we can kitbash a scene from "Platoon" where they set up an ambush and it begins to rain and everybody's wet and miserable and fall asleep while keeping watch. Then the VCs turn up and all hell breaks loose! How many of us can identify with that? I certainly remember those days - these memories tend to stay with us.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This set is only for the uniform and gear - no figure included. They chose to pose the gear with Hot Toys FIRST predator Private Billy Sole figure (for full review of Billy, check out my post HERE) is an interesting touch although I doubt they kept their hair so long in the humidity and heat of 'Nam.

The 1/6 scale M1956 webbing with belt and pouches looks to be pretty accurate and of fine quality.

Close-up of the M1956 webbing and gear including 1/6 butt pack

Another XM177E1 Carbine with Para Cord Sling, although this one comes with a customized fore-grip.


The Rebel said...

Hmmm, nice..but I think I'll pass on this one memories of the war (sounds as if I was really THERE during the conflict ain't it?! LOL)is a straight up USMC in his std marine uniform, with the flak vest...sleeves rolled up.....wearing the instantly recognisable helmet wit a ciggy pack attached to it....carrying a beat up M16.... :)

I'm still enjoying their 1st vietnam set...pity that one didn't come with a realistic M16...but I guess the M14 was cool too!

alex teo said...

i know what you mean, rebel - i was there too HA! HA!. Dragon produced a pretty nice USMC figure back then ( as well as the pair from "We were soldiers" ( but nowadays, every 1/6 manufacturer is just pushing out vietnam special ops guys instead of the regular grunt that was seen everywhere fighting for the South.

Anonymous said...

question... which is better?
Soldier Story, Toy Soldier, Hot Toys, or this one Wild Works???
I'm looking for a good quality Vietnam gears (belt/pouches/harness etc)
I'm decided with the uniform and boots will be by ACE.
Helmet maybe Toy Soldier or Wild Works...