Wednesday, July 30, 2008

173rd Airborne Brigade in Iraq, 2003

Leading the war on terror from the front, the fine soldiers of the USA. In 2003, about 1,000 paratroopers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade parachuted into Kurdish-held territory in northern Iraq. BBI released this 173rd Airborne trooper "SGT Jerry Ellis" in late 2003 (You had an option of kitting him out as a 101st or 173rd Airborne trooper - I chose the latter). I switched his BDUs and helmet with Dragon's because BBI's BDU was quite figure hugging and the helmet looked too small to fit his head nicely. I also added the ALICE pack, secured in front for quick release when approaching the ground.

The modern paratrooper, not very different from those of World War II except he has his SPEAR BAS (Body Armor Subsystem) with interchangeable upgrade plates

Stand up, hook up, shuffle to the door... (brings backs memories of my airborne days in the army)

Lurve the gloves on this figure

His T10C Static Line Main Parachute with his reserve chute in front, hasn't really changed much since World War II

Fully loaded and ready to drop in and pay Saddam a visit

Nice figure from BBI

Armed with his M4 carbine and M9 pistol, secured tightly for the drop

His knee pads and ankle braces - one of the best things to be introduced coz the fear is not in the jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft but landing wrongly on your ankles and not being able to complete the airborne course which you worked so hard to get in.


Anonymous said...

Nice figure,

I would see if you can find a 1950 weapons case. That is what we used to jump our weapons in we did secure them like that. And we didn't use ankle braces that has pretty much been a school thing. Otherwise it looks great.

alex teo said...

Thanks 173dparatrooper - WOW!! Comments from the man himself - I'll now go hunting for a 1950 weapons case to complete the look. Thanks for clearing up about the ankle braces too - GREAT job and keep up the good work that you guys are doing. The world really appreciates that you guys are helping to make it a better place :) GOD bless!!

Anonymous said...

We also didn't jump in with our body armor on. This would have been stored. Awesome Look! leaders wore a green tape around the right shoulder. Where can I purchase this !!!!!

alex teo said...

Thanks for the heads up Adrian A. :) very much appreciated. BBI's "SGT Jerry Ellis" came out some time back and might be available on e-bay if someone decides to put theirs for sale. Sorry I only have one and can't pass it up.

J said...

Correct, we didnt use, nor have been issued the ankle things at all. In fact, after I left the 173rd and became an Airborne Instructor, there were none there either. We did not have those only ever saw those in basic train, plus you could not wear on the uniform while jumping. That's a jump hazard. Nothing loose like that (yes, I'm a jumpmaster). I only remember having my knee pads on around my ankles in the mud of the drop zone and smashing them soon after cause they were caked. None of the entire Brigade had sand colored M4. They were all black. And almost no one has a pistol. Just very select people like the M240 gunner and those were stashed in rucksacks. No gloves while jumping... that's always been an Airborne thing. You have to have skin to skin handoff with the Jumpmaster. Also, none of us had those armor backed Oakley gloves unless you bought yourself, which I only knew two guys that did. Just like the flashlight, those pouches would not be worn while jumping. All ALICE gear or those of us who bought RACK system, have them stored. The Google were absolutely not allowed while jumping. None of us really used those anyways. I only remember gunner on trucks having them and the rest of us were issued bolle ballistic glasses. Last, on the left sleeve we had a US flag patch below the 173rd.
But yeah this is a badass figure! I was a squad leader and made the jump. Always nice seeing 17rd love.

alex teo said...

Thanks for taking time out to share these points. I really appreciate it :)