Sunday, July 13, 2008

Maschinen Krieger Chapter 2 by Kubrick, Medicom

Maschinen Krieger Chapter 2 were repaints of Chapter 1. But they were still worth it coz the designs were different.

MaK A.F.S. (Armoured Fighting Suit) version 2

MaK S.A.F.S. (Super Armoured Fighting Suit) version 2

All the S.A.F.S (including Chapter 1's) came with an extra head which meant you could plonk in the head and have the hood opened, which was how it was with the model kits - nice touch by Medicom

MaK Fire Ball SG version 2 (nice subtle skull design on de hood)

MaK Snake eye version 2 - no pair of pips on his armour but the head is interesting coz it resembles a lot like Snake-Eyes - another nice touch

Snake eye sans mask

Snake eye's back

MaK Raccoon version 2

MaK Raptor version 2 - the spade symbol was first used as a mark on the helmets of the 101st Airborne Division's 506th PIR in World War II whilst the club symbol was used by the 101st Airborne Division's 237th Field Infantry Regiment

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