Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Batman Begins Figure by Takara

Finally, I get to put up my Takara Christian Bale Batman, both figures no less :) Batman was what got me started collecting toys way back in 1996 and I've come a long way since. Already covered the Batman movie figures, Medicom's Batman Begins figure and Takara's Christian Bale/Bruce Wayne.

Now I've both Christian Bale/Bruce Wayne and Christian Bale/Batman.

Nice suit, even nicer shoes

Bruce Wayne/Christian Bale close-up

Christian Bale/Batman close-up

You can't see his clunky shoes/clogs from this angle - thank goodness

A very nice headsculpt

The Batman outfit's not bad either

Christopher Nolan gave us a reason for the spikes on his gauntlets, now tempered bronze "scallops" to deflect blade attacks and also used for climbing

Batman's cape and the shadow it casts manages to cover up the clogs he's wearing - one of the gripes I have with this figure. The other is that his rubber suit doesn't allow him to hold too many poses as it restricts his movements. Didn't have this problem with Hot Toys Deunan or Briareos' rubber body suits.

Takara's Batman is very nice from the ankles up

Batman's left side profile

Batman's Batarangs - he has three of these

The cloth material used for Batman's cape is a little thin, unlike Medicom's, although it does fall nicely

Batman's back and his belt from the back as well, usually covered by the cape

The holder for his grapnel gun, which is magnetically attached in the movie

You can make out his clogs from this picture - really ugly!

His batphone and palmtop computer all-in-one, encrypted for maximum security and voice-activated for hands-free use

Batman's right side profile

Close-up of his belt

Batman's grapnel gun, for getting out of hairy situations

A very fine job by Takara. Now bring it on, Hot Toys!!

Hot Toys Batman Original Costume review here.


Shaun said...

nice series of pix bro, you may wanna try using the suit from this figure? glad to see you finally giving this fig a display area of its own, IIRC, it was previously boxed up in you master bedroom.

alex teo said...

yeah, saw your pix - NICE! the suit's nice too. takara Batman will stay displayed until the new Hot Toys' version 2.0 comes - then we'll see which Batman rules!!