Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Australian 1st SQN SASR Desert Ops

BBI released this Australian 1st SQN SASR Desert Ops "SGT Barney" in 2006 and we finally get the aussie desert camouflage uniform or desert auscam. 

Headsculpt resembles actor Richard Chamberlain of Shogun and King Solomon's Mines where he played Allan Quatermain, big game hunter and occasional trader in southern Africa. Another famous actor who played Allan Quatermain was none other than Sir Sean Connery in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003), he of the famous 007 fame as well as being the father of one Indiana Jones.

Frillneck UTE hat in Auscam, unique to the australians and Oakley shades

Tactical headset connected to PTT PRC 148 radio and Afghan style scarf (guess he's doing his part in the war on terror in Afghanistan)

Lock and load, and ready to rock and roll in his Desert Auscam BDU and Merrell Chameleon Vintilators.

Tactical chest rig

SOG SEAL pup knife in sheath

M4 carbine with PEQ2 laser pointer, Surefire tactical light, ELCAN tactical scope and M203 grenade launcher. Although the F88 AuSteyr - a derivative of the Austrian Steyr AUG STG-77 assault rifle - is the ADF's standard individual weapon, special forces prefer the M4 for its battle-tested reliability and handling.

Browning GP-35 Mk III Hi-Power in holster, the standard-issue service pistol of the Australian Defence Force.

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