Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kitbash Singapore Commando

When I finished kitbashing this figure, he reminded me a lot like an SAF Commando. There have been so many pictures of them because the 1st Commando Battalion has won the Best Combat Unit title for so many times that it's almost a given that they'll achieve it again and again. And why shouldn't they? They are the commandos. If only there was a 1/6 SAR-21 with M203 grenade launcher attached so that I could really complete the look :p Oh yeah, his name's Rambu Tan (Javon came up with that) - LOL!!

Headsculpt from Cotswold works very well here, except for the blue eyes

Grenadier's vest

US issued backpack

Sidearm and M4/M203

Hot Toys' boots - these are NICE!!

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