Sunday, July 27, 2008

Australian Jungle Fighter by Action Man

One of the first few 12" figures I got, or rather, my lovely wife got for me for my birthday way back when. This Australian Jungle Fighter was released by Action Man in the '70s (that seems like a long time ago now) and was still in pristine condition when I got him. Not so much bells and whistles on him as the action figures of today but he was a clean cut and nice figure, and at least paid tribute to the Australian soldiers who fought for freedom and justice in both world wars. He was meant as a toy for kids in the 60s and 70s; I don't think the kids today will appreciate such a fine figure.

His jungle/bush hat was done very nicely and wasn't droopy nor floppy . The headsculpt was the "flock" hair type introduced in the 70s, meant to make them look more realistic and replaced the earlier painted heads. He has his ammo belt and grenades.

Also came armed with a machete for hacking a jungle trail and the 9mm L2A3 Sterling submachine gun which saw considerable service in Malaya and Borneo. If you examine the Sterling carefully, you will notice that it was used as a base for the Star Wars Imperial Blaster simply by adding more parts to the frame.

The Action Man Australian Jungle Fighter also came armed with the flame thrower. Must have been quite a scary feeling to be at the other end of it when it is in use.


cosmicbaby said...

Vintage stuff is the simply the best!

alex teo said...

i hear you :) vintage ROCKS!!