Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mechablock DX Astro Boy by Takara

This is the DX or deluxe version Astro Boy/Tetsuwan Atom by Takara way back when (?!) and Astro Boy came equipped with a diecast endo-skeleton and moving gears. The box itself was very nice and offered a glimpse of what you can expect.

Opening the cover revealed two toys in one - a complete Astro Boy and another robot that looks very much like Robot "Number 5" or "Johnny 5" from the movie "Short Circuit (1986)" and obvious inspiration for the newer "Wall•E" recently released by Pixar

DX Astro Boy / Tetsuwan Atom by Takara

Astro Boy could be dismantled in order to put the endo-skeleton in

This section can also be called the Robot Number 5/Wall•E section because the resemblance is uncanny. Not sure if the movie "Short Circuit" came out first or this toy did. The Endo -skeletion can be assembled to resemble a robot and you could play around with the parts to make your own robot or weapons platform.

Astro Boy with endo-skeleton in place

There's a key which you can insert into his chest cavity and by turning the key, the gears move

Astro Boy assembled and ready for action!!

Astro Boys


Anonymous said...

that toy looks so cool my son thinks its the coolest thing hes ever seen how much does that cost??

alex teo said...

hi there, this is one of the coolest toy i have and i'm glad you and your son thinks so too >_< this is a rather old toy from Japan and quite rare as well as not many of them survived intact over the years. i don't know how much it's going for now although i once saw one going for $1,000.

Unknown said...

I've got one of these toys in new condition and was wondering what you think the value is? I'm in the US. - Tom

alex teo said...

Hey Tom, I don't know the going rate for this item either but a quick google search says asking prices are about US$270 in used condition. Some were asking even higher prices (USD650) for mint versions.