Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Zero Metal Defence Capsule

Not so much a movie but a comic series created in Hong Kong on the premise that a meteor shower rained down and almost destroys civilization in 2037 AD. Surviving scientists discover a unique matter from the meteor fragments which have anti-gravity characteristics and named it "Zero Metal". A highly mobilized armour unit was created from "Zero Metal" and used to police the new Hong Kong, now called "Gang Dao".

This particular "Zero Metal Defence Capsule" unit is the Dingo Patrol, tasked with patrolling the perimeter of Gang Dao and maintaining security. Another character created by the same company, DaJoint was Urika Gagarin.

Now, on with the pictures - first, Dingo Patrol operator in his basic garb

Some of his ZMDC armour

Body Armour

Looks like some alien caterpillar

Leg armour - way cool. It opens up for you to slip the feet inside and snaps shut

Zero Metal Defence Capsule Dingo Patrol fully suited up 

ZMDC armour as seen from the back

ZMDC weapons - Red Star thermo-tracking rifle and 50mm Rail Gun with Jager Grenade Launcher

ZMDC with Rail Gun and Jager Grenade Launcher

Close-up of the Rail Gun cum Grenade Launcher

Go ahead, make my day!!


cosmicbaby said...

wah! now then you open & post your ZMDC... I can imagine how many more un-open boxes of figure you have... Let me know if you need help tearing them open! :)

alex teo said...

wow marcus, it's an honour to have you visit my blog :) i'm still drooling from your jeep post - SIMPLY BREATHTAKING and OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!

BigHatDino said...

That's a really nice figure. The armour on them is really well designed - it fits in well with the whole Maschinen Krieger style too :)

I was tempted with the ZDMC back when they came out, but I was obsessed with Michael Lau and Jason Siu at the time so couldn't afford them as well :P

alex teo said...

i know what you mean - there're too many hard choices to make. that's why i try to stay focused on what i want, with the emphasis on TRY. thanks for looking :)