Sunday, July 13, 2008

Maschinen Krieger Chapter 3.1 by Kubrick, Medicom

Maschinen Krieger Chapter 3 was the most interesting of the series because Medicom featured the armoured suits which had a combination of "glass" cockpits like the WWII aircrafts and also very heavily armoured units.

MaK P.K.A. (pronounced "pay car") for Panzer Kampf Anzug (armoured fighting suit in German) without canopy

P.K.A. with canopy added

Enlarged glazed canopy for better visual range

Back of MaK P.K.A. (reminds me of Humpty Dumpty)

MaK Gustav - an improved version of the P.K.A. in armour and firepower. The Gustav also featured a laser arm

At 60mm tall, you can still make out the German words printed on the armour

MaK Melusine - The Melusine is a Ground Attack suit. It shares limbs and armaments with the Gustav, and has indirect sighting system and better armour

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