Thursday, July 3, 2008

Star Wars Bounty Hunter - Jango vs Jango

Which is the copy, and which is the original? Clone vs clone, Hasbro vs Medicom. Just as I've done comparisons of both Boba Fetts, Stormtroopers and Sandtroopers, now we'll look at the most famous bounty hunter of them all, Jango Fett.

Medicom Jango Fett on the left and Hasbro's on the right.

Seeing double?!

If you have to get just one, IMHO Medicom's the one - only gripe is, he's shorter than all the other 1/6 Star Wars figures in the market so he can only stand alongside the other Medicom figures :(

Final parting shot - Medicom Jango's helmet makes up for his height when compared with Hasbro's but he's still skinnier.

Check out Darth Vader and the 6 bounty hunters aboard the Executor in "Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)" (see link here)


Shaun said...

always good to see comparison shots, my guru!

alex teo said...

yeah, i like them too coz you get to appreciate the subtle differences and how each company go about the design process.

Greg Carter said...

Thanks, I didn't know they were that close in height. Hasbro's looks good w/ other SW, so maybe Medicom's would too?

I agree re the Medicom's superior detail, but they are also very skinny. The Ep. 3 Clone Trooper fits w/ other SW, though, and I'm waiting to see how the Ep. 2 works out.

alex teo said...

Thanks for looking Greg :) Medicom's inconsistency with size irks me. They may have got the Ep 3 Clone Trooper right but now he's a giant standing next to the rest of the Medicom figures and he's still lacking the bulk. Skinny he is, put on weight he must.

Logan said...

I noticed that the Med Jango has black belt pouches and holsters which is not screen accurate and he is too tall, Jango Fett was as short tough guy much like Wolverine in the X-Men, I think the pants look better on the Med Jango but the upper body is more realistic on the Hasbro one, and I also think the face is better on the Hasbro Jango. Looks more like the actor.