Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Star Wars Bounty Hunter 9 v.2 - Jango Fett by Medicom

Already covered Hasbro's Jango Fett, now we look at Medicom's Jango Fett. Star Wars Episode II is about the clones and inevitably, that means Jango Fett!! Jango Fett has a face, unlike Boba Fett, although since Boba is Jango's son and also a clone, Boba should look exactly the same.

New Zealand actor Temuera Morrison was cast as Jango Fett and hence, father of all clone troopers. Now there's one more famous fact to come out of New Zealand, other than the All Blacks Rugby team and the fact that New Zealand is Middle Earth. Quite a good likeness by Medicom's standards.

Jango's jetpack. Jango actually has two jetpacks, one more heavily armoured and carrying a larger-bore missile, which is what Medicom has given us. Hasbro actually included both in their version.

Left gauntlet

Right gauntlet and holding his Westar-34 blaster

Jango Fett with helmet. The helmet looks a little big on his head and you have to force it down a bit in order to get it to fit. Otherwise, it hangs a little too high and you can still see Jango's chin below his helmet.

oops! chin showing a little under the helmet

This shot shows the helmet seated properly

Close-up of Jango Fett

Jango ready to blast off "to infinity and beyond!!" (to cop a phrase from Buzz Lightyear)

Next post we'll compare the two Jango Fetts

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