Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mobile Suit Gundam RX-178

Don't know much about the anime series other than the thousands of images that have been splashed in my direction since this phenomenon took off in Japan and spread across the world. Everywhere you turn, one is bombarded with Gundam model kits, toys and the like. At the time when other robot anime preceding this were of the Super Robot genre where robots were owned by individual research centres or individuals fighting against evil, Mobile Suit Gundam introduced robots as weapons of the military units, just like main battle tanks and fighter planes. As a toy collector, you have to marvel at the amazing detail and skill that goes into making the model kits, especially the super detailed ones. Since I told myself I gotta focus on what to collect, Japanese robots did not end up high on my list, though I still picked up one or two along the way.

I couldn't resist picking up this Gundam because for its size (it stands up to 440mm when most model kits are way smaller), it was very articulated. It wasn't a model kit either. Box is huge and has its own carrying handle. It's supposed to be a 1:60 scale model. Don't really get a lot of toys coming out of Korea.

Tray with all its contents

Federal Force Prototype General Purpose Mobile Suit GUNDAM MK-II (1:60 scale RX-178)

Just how big is a 1:60 scale Gundam? Check out the next post of a 1/60 scale General Marshall Gundam RX-178 (it got even bigger!!) standing next to a 1:6 scale 12-inch tall RoboCop action figure. It's a giant of a toy :)


NerdAtHeart said...

Just bought one of these at a yard sale for $5. Any idea what they run for normally?

alex teo said...

At $5 for the whole complete figure, that is a sweet deal. Sorry I don't know the price of these now as I'm just a collector and not a dealer.

Anonymous said...

I bought mine for $35 1/100 scale in Michigan.

alex teo said...

At 1/60 scale, it makes this Gundam way bigger than yours at 1/100 :)check out this link ( for size comparison with a 1/6 scale 12-inch tall RoboCop. The Gundam dwalves him ;p CHEERS