Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Superman/Clark Kent by Hot Toys

This is the improved version from the first release by Hot Toys. They improved on the headsculpt and added Brandon Routh/Clark Kent too. It makes this set worth getting. Clark comes with his glasses and suit (the best disguise ever for a superhero - sarcasm injected here). No doubt about the quality of the headsculpt and the suit by Hot Toys!

His tie's very stiff - it's like he poured starch all over it before ironing it. That's what we did back in those NCC days when we had to starch and iron our uniforms, the old No. 3s. After ironing, the pants and shirt could stand on its own, like cardboard, VERY HARD cardboard. Then when you perspire, you get all the gooey starch on your back. Those were the days :)

Superman Returns! The Superman chest emblem is now a smaller raised 3D-piece - very nicely done by Hot Toys, including the details on his costume.

Check out those boots! NICE!!

Brandon Routh/Superman side profile

Overall, a very nice figure by Hot Toys.

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