Thursday, June 11, 2009

ZC 1/6 Rosanna Biker Chick

What's a bike (see previous post) without its rider? ZC 1/6 Rosanna Bike Girl comes with ZCGirl "EVE" Body with "Rosanna" head, brown iris eye balls and extra green iris eye balls, long and short torsos, necklace, gloved hands, black leather biker jacket and pants, black racing boots, protective pads, black backpack, black motorcycle helmet and Scorpion Vz61 Submachine Gun.

"Here's looking at you."

ZC Rosanna without her hair or half of her head even!

And here's how you switch eyes, from brown to green - quite a no-brainer (pun intended)

Rosanna's 1/6 black backpack and helmet plus protective pads

ZC Rosanna 1/6 black motorcycle helmet

The helmet's visor is movable

So is the jaw portion of the bike helmet. Both parts can move upwards to reveal her full face

And here's Rosanna with her chain. Not as cool as Ghost Rider's though (link here)

Other accessories - spare torso, extra eyes (green), necklace (chain) and her Scorpion Vz61 Submachine Gun

Close-up of the 1/6 Scorpion Vz61 Submachine Gun. Actually, upon checking images on the internet, it appears to be a 1/6 Scorpion SA 361 submachine gun, chambered for 9x19 Luger / Parabellum ammunition. These last versions of the Scorpion family were produced during early 1990s, and included "military-type" selective-fired SA 391 and "civilian" SA 91s, which was semi-automatic only.

The Scorpion SA 361 submachine gun has suppressor, tactical light, fore grip, three types of magazine (10-rd, 20-rd and 30-rd) and foldable shoulder stock. The original "Samopal Vzor 1961" (submachine gun model of 1961) or SA Vz.61 was issued to various units in Czechoslovak army and was also widely exported. Licensed version of the Scorpion was produced in Yugoslavia, where it was widely issued as an military officer's sidearm.

Scorpion SA 361 submachine gun with tactical light and shoulder stock folded. Needless to say, quite a few Scorpions found its way into the hands of various terrorist groups, which favored it for its small size and ease of silencing. It also can be easily fired singe-handedly, like most pistols.

ZC 1/6 Rosanna Bike Girl with Scorpion SA 361 submachine gun. I painted the whites of her racing boots because it was the only area that wasn't black!

Rosanna rides her bike (post here)


Unknown said...

Well, i am surprised to see her face so awful. Not a pretty sight at all.

alex teo said...

That's what the helmet is for :)