Friday, July 18, 2008

General Marshall Gundam RX-178

Just when I thought Gundam couldn't get any bigger, I came across this -  a General Marshall Gundam, which is basically an upsized regular Mobile Suit Gundam RX-178 with Samurai armour. Practicality aside, it made for one very beefed-up cool looking robot/machine.

Box is also way bigger than Gundam's

General Marshall Gundam in full armour with spear

Armed with his two swords

East meets West - just an idea of how big the General Marshall is when standing next to RoboCop

"Give me back my Auto-9 handgun or there'll be trouble!" Jack Black did a great impersonation of RoboCop in "Be Kind Rewind (2008)"


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I am a Gundam fan and this Korea made Musha Gundam is awesome and not many toys can compare to its size. Envy your collection!

@lex Gen X 1:6 Hardcore said...

hi dennis, thanks for visiting and the compliments :) Gundam is cool but i just don't have space for them - LOL so I only got the HUGE ones - ha! ha!

Anonymous said...

I think the japanese version is better (the face and mask)!!..I have one when I was a children!.