Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hot Toys MMS95 Terminator Salvation John Connor Review I

Just got my Hot Toys 1/6 12-inch Collector's Edition MMS 95 (Movie Masterpiece Series) Terminator Salvation John Connor figure and it's really GOOD! It comes in the most unique packaging ever. Hot Toys has given a new twist to the use of the styrofoam box packaging used to house figures in the past by spraying it entirely black and cutting into it to give it a most unique look. The slipcase cover which usually accompanies the box is also given a different treatment to showcase the unique packaging design.

"Only one man saw Judgment Day coming, one man, whose destiny has always been intertwined with the fate of human existence: John Connor (Christian Bale). Connor must decide whether Marcus can be trusted. But as Skynet adapts new strategies to end the Resistance forever, Connor and Marcus must find common ground to take a stand against the onslaught - to infiltrate Skynet and meet the enemy head-on."

Hot Toys John Connor (Christian Bale) 1/6 scale Collectible Figure in its tray

John Connor's weapons and accessories. No extra hands included - I guess they are not needed.

Terminator Salvation John Connor's main weapon is the M4A1 Carbine with an M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System attachment OR M4A1 with tactical red dot sight and under barrel XM-26 LSS (Lightweight Shotgun System) - Hot Toys is still outstanding in the 1/6 scale weapons department and this is a beauty! Besides removable magazines, the shotgun also has a spring loaded charging handle and the detailing is superb!

John Connor (Christian Bale) also has the Heckler & Koch Mk 23 Mod 0 pistol as his sidearm throughout the movie. Unfortunately, the pistol included is actually a SIG P250, which is vastly different from what is used in the film.

This 1/6 SIG P250 pistol comes with spring loaded slide which when pulled back automatically slides forward. Comes with three 12-round magazines. Connor also has the Line launcher.

Hot Toys 1/6 12-inch Collector's Edition Movie Masterpiece Terminator Salvation John Connor figure is also armed with a tactical fixed blade with wrist band sheath, four blocks of plastic explosives (demolition block composition explosive), Radio and Headset.

And here's the man himself, John Connor (Christian Bale) wearing his leather jacket, Tiger stripes pants, Tactical full body harness, Drop leg panel, Armband, Patch and Assault boots.

The head sculpt is superb. Apparently the first head sculpt that was released much earlier in Hong Kong was recalled because of the bad quality and hence the delay in this issue. Well, they certainly delivered again!

Hot Toys John Connor brown leather jacket is also superb! It looks very much like the High Altitude Cold Weather B-3 sheepskin leather jacket worn by the USAAF B-17 Waist Gunners of WWII (see my post HERE)

His quite well worn tiger stripes pants (the tigerstripe camouflage pattern was first developed for jungle warfare during the Vietnam War - see post HERE for Soldier Story US MACV-SOG wearing the BDUs)

I'll post pictures of Hot Toys 1/6 John Connor with all his gear and weapons next - see post HERE.


supekudx said...

Master Alex,

Very nice Action Figure, but probably I won't buy it because I didn't like the movie. I must keep the focus. But I confess it will be very difticult to avoid this temptation.

Michel VO Takahashi said...

I'm waiting for mine John Connor too
and now,looking your review,I'm sure
that I will not be disappointed!!
Thanks for sharing the pics!

alex teo said...

hey supekudx, i didn't get the robots either but i just couldn't resist john connor - just too good to give up - the head sculpt, the outfit including leather jacket and weapons plus accessories - DROOL ;p

hi michel, hope you get yours soon. hot toys john connor has to be appreciated up close - really NICE!!

desmond said...

Alex, nice and detailed review. Hope mine will be arrived tomorrow..

alex teo said...

@ desmond, enjoy it when it does :)

Jordan said...

Hi Alex, I kno, that u don't know me (lol) this is an amazing figure! When I first saw it, i just loved it and it was a must have! I didn't care about the robots either. I have mine already and I don't think I will be getting the second version, FYI, the movie's was an MK23, but the one on this figure isn't, it is a
P250, used also in the U.S Army 10th Mountain Division sniper that looked like Duhamel, if u just take a look at it, then u'll know. :)

alex teo said...

thanks for bringing up the error of the pistol, Jordan :) and I'm glad you got your piece too -- this one's a BEAUTY, a work of ART!!

buy 4gb video card said...

I don't want to make Bale angry, but his weak supporting role isn't what we expected from iconic messiah John Connor.

alex teo said...

too true... after I watched the movie, it felt more like Marcus Wright: Terminator Salvation. Sam Worthington is certainly making waves - from his performance in "Terminator Salvation", as Jake Sully in "Avatar" and as Perseus in the upcoming 2010 feature film remake of "Clash of the Titans"

Carlitox said...

today i recieved this, Yay, and i disagree with you guys, i like to much the movie (better than the BS of terminator 3) and having john Connor from Hot Toys, is a total joy.

alex teo said...

hi carlitox, i liked the movie too; just felt that John Connor's character was not as impactful as Marcus Wright's. I too am a big fan of Christian Bale's John Connor :)

Anonymous said...

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