Saturday, August 29, 2009

Brother Production Zombie Killer "Alice" Review I

Another Brother Production release I got recently, together with their Blade Hunter (see post HERE for the review) - it's Brother Production 1/6 scale Zombie Killer "Alice" (supposedly limited worldwide release of 300 pieces - I just got it because I really dig the outfit and accessories when I first came across it HERE).

The figure in box packaging

Screen shot of Milla Jovovich as Alice from "Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)", a science fiction action horror film and the third installment in the series of film adaptations based on the Capcom survival horror series Resident Evil.

Brother Production 1/6 scale Zombie Killer "Alice" action figure and femme fatale comes with female body (over 35 moving joints) with head sculpt, scarf, white vest or tank top (singlet), short sleeve OD green shirt, short pants, brown stockings, double military belts with dropdown holsters (left & right sides), wrist watch, knee-length high leather boots and long coat or trench coat (with hidden metal wire along the edge).

Weapons include 1/6 scale Special Edition Crossbow with arrow, two Beretta 92FS pistols with sliding charges and four magazines, two Kukri knives and Mossberg 590 "Compact Cruiser" shotgun with shotgun bag.

Brother Production 1/6 scale Zombie Killer "Alice" without her trench coat or long coat. She also came with three extra gloved hands.

Brother Production 1/6 scale Zombie Killer "Alice" wearing just her OD green short sleeve shirt (not designed to be buttoned up in order to show her ample bosoms) over her white tank top and brandishing her 9mm semi-automatic pistols

A rather unique outfit she chooses to wear in "Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)". Much prefer this to the weird netting look she had in "Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)"

She even comes with her wrist band / leather dart holder with four darts

Her two Kukri knives. The Kukri is a curved Nepalese knife used as both tool and weapon. It is also a part of the regimental weaponry and heraldry of The Royal Gurkha Rifles. It is known to many people as simply the "Gurkha Blade" or "Gurkha Knife". It functions as a cross between a knife and an axe. Good for hacking zombies.

Some more pictures to come :)


Little Plastic Man said...

The sculpt is passable but I think the paint on the hair can't make it...overdone

Anonymous said...

face/head looks terrible!

The Rebel said...

Yeah, I kinda agree with Adrian.....the headsculpt is kinda ok but the paint on the hair's kinda weird-lah!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex,

The figure has some awesome gear but i guess if hot toys did the head sculpt, it probably would be a killer hit. just my 2 cents ..heheh


P.s : the kukris' look great.

Anonymous said...

Her face is horrendeous! Scary! Set it on fire!

desmond said...

Everything is good except the head sculpt.

alex teo said...

good to see everyone's in agreement :) got her because i really dig the outfit and gear. waiting for a good Milla Jovovich head sculpt to pop up so that i can complete the look. after collecting for so long, i've realized that these things can happen. one can only hope - ha! ha!

James Lau said...

Hey man , check this out.

alex teo said...

thanks james for the link - that HS is AWESOME!!! now why couldn't they gave me that headsculpt instead