Thursday, August 27, 2009

Comparing Dicks... oops, I meant "Ricks"

Now let's line them up and do a comparison. Did I mention that Brother Production 1/6 scale Blade Hunter a.k.a. Rick Deckard Blade Runner which was reviewed in the previous post is TALL? How tall? Usually 1/6 scale figures are about 300mm tall (almost 12 inches) but Brother Production Blade Hunter stands at up to 310mm and that's more than 12 inches.

The picture below shows Toy Syndicate's Android Hunter (left) beside Brother Production Blade Hunter (right). It had been suggested that Rick Deckard himself is also a Replicant, a bioengineered or biorobotic being created in the film "Blade Runner (1982)". If that was the case, then there could have been more than one Rick. Unlike clones, the replicant was an adult human but with superior strength, agility and variable intelligence depending on the model. Replicants become illegal on Earth after a bloody mutiny by Nexus-6s off-world.

The height difference is quite telling but you wouldn't know it if you saw the prototype product pictures. Once the box was opened, Brother Production Blade Hunter seemed to have much longer legs than usual.

"Who's the imposter and who's the real deal?" Actually, if they are replicants, neither of them are human although in the film, the longer a Nexus-6 lived the more life-experience it gained and they began to develop their own "emotional responses".

Paul Sammon, author of "Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner", has suggested in interviews that Deckard may be a Nexus-7, a next-generation replicant who possesses no superhuman strength or intelligence, but brain implants that complete the human illusion. Sammon also suggests that Nexus-7 replicants may not have a preset lifespan (i.e. they could be immortal).

And here are the three Amigos, two head sculpts of American actor Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard by Toy Syndicate and the most recent one by Brother Production

Other Harrison Ford 1/6 head sculpts produced were that of him as Indiana Jones, as space pirate Han Solo in Star Wars, US President James Marshall in "Air Force One (1997)" and Captain Alexei Vostrikov in "K-19: The Widowmaker (2002)".


Anonymous said...

ah just what i wanted to see! great review/comparison of the different versions.
If Toys Syndicate is in proper 12 inch then Brother's must be 13+!!! but which is the right height?
Blade Runner is a favourite of mine and plan on getting or kitbashing a Deckard figure... (need to rewatch my DVD to check the outfit)
It's an interesting twist if indeed Rick Deckard is also a replicant!

Mech In Arms said...

wow, brother actually did a pretty good job in Harrison Ford's HS. impress

desmond said...

Alex, I think there isn't any likeness of Harrison Ford for the three figures..

alex teo said...

hey AL i think Brother Production Rick Deckard is too tall. When placed with the other 12" figures I have, he towers above them.

About Rick Deckard being a replicant, there were a few giveaways but the origami unicorn is the most telling. Deckard's unicorn dream sequence inserted into the Director's Cut coinciding with Gaff's parting-gift of an origami unicorn is seen by many as showing Deckard is a replicant as Gaff could have access to Deckard's implanted memories.

yeah, Mech In Arms, i like the HS too.

@desmond, Harrison Ford is hiding inside somewhere - ha! ha!