Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hot Toys MMS Iron Man Mark I Review II

Continued from a previous post

The beauty is in the details and Hot Toys MMS80 Iron Man Mark I is choked full of details - a whole truckload! Because underneath all that crude armor was a basic figure which had all the armor strapped to him, just like in the movie, unlike Iron Man Mark II and III which was very much computer generated or CGI. This makes Mark I more plausible and the bulkiness does add to the cool factor - imagine a walking one man tank that flies!

Underneath the crude suit of iron fashioned from parts while being kept captive in the cave, Tony Stark wears his OD green t-shirt / vest under a brown outer coat (made of leather hide?) which protects him from the rough metal edges of his improvised armor suit

The first miniature arc reactor he made to replace the electro-magnet they had used to keep the shrapnel from moving toward his heart and killing him. Tony Stark's new found friend, cave companion and fellow captive Dr Yinsen called others like him in his village the "walking dead".

Right leg armor details

Left leg armor details. Right and left sides are not symmetrical which makes it all the more real, given the limited resources available to Tony Stark as he conjures up his first iron suit.

Left view of the Mark I helmet and its details - note the dents. The wire just below the helmet under the iron suit has numbering on it even though it is almost hidden from view

Check out all the different types of wires and cables running under the armor suit - simply amazing!

View of the side armor on Tony's left leg

Note the hip pulley with belt for moving his legs

Hot Toys certainly paid a lot of attention to details when they reproduced this Iron Man Mark I suit in 1/6 scale

Tony even made a butt plate to cover his ass - ha! ha!

The engine that runs the armor suit, powered of course by the miniature arc reactor he constructed

Can you see the small pulleys and belt that runs between the coil and cylinder?

Now let's examine the right leg

Gas cylinder for the flamethrower

And we haven't even touched on Iron Man Mark I light-up features as well as hidden forearm missile yet. That's covered in the next post. Stay tuned :)


justjerm said...

Just got mine yesterday.. You are absolutely right, it's just a masterpiece...

Love your collection.. :D

The Rebel said...

One sweet figure indeed! Dang, after seeing your pictorial review, the 'poison' is seeping inside my brain! :p

desmond said...

Bro, I always love to read your detailed review and photos..

alex teo said...

Congrats on getting a great figure, justjerm :) thanks for the compliments.

Rebel, this figure is worth emptying the wallet for - you know you want it - (using Jedi mind trick) "this is the iron man you're looking for" - ha! ha!

thanks desmond, just wanting to spread the poison, oops! - i mean passion!